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Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog, @kinashi100.

In this post I would like to participate in Splinterlands Battle Weekly Challenge. The fight I would like to pick up is How monster with no attack ability, Pelacor Conjurer, could win against magic monster with "self" Tank heal ability, Wood Nymph and Legendary summoner, Scarred Llama Mage. Can you figure it out guys? Ha ha ha.

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The reason why he can beat Wood Nymph is because he has magic reflect ability. As explained below :

ability_magic-reflect.pngMagic ReflectWhen hit with Magic damage, does reduced Magic damage back to the attacker

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Monster Stats

Stats 2.PNG

I always put Pelacor Conjurer in the 1st position most of the time since he has very high health point with just 2 mana. I personally own Lv.4 Pelacor Conjurer (from chest reward) who has 5 health point and magic reflect ability. I combined every single BCX of Pelacor Conjurer from both Daily chest and End of Season chest regularly. So my Conjurer is literally free and strong enough to absorb enemies attack.

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Here is the link of the battle along with the videos I have uploaded on youtube, Check this out:

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Mana and Rule Sets

mana and Rule Sets.PNG

weak-magic (1).pngWeak MagicMagic attacks hit Armor before reducing Health. Protect, Repair, Rust are useful in this ruleset.
keep-your-distance (1).pngKeep Your DistanceMonsters with Melee attack may not be used in battles.

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Line Up

Lorna Shine
She gives the army divine shield ability which negates the first damage to all monsters. Her 3 mana cost only is effective to build strong army. I used Lv.4 in order to use maximum level monster in silver.

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MonsterNameReason to pick up
Pelacor Conjurer
He has very high mana (5) for 2 mana cost only. His 2 ability are also awesome, Flying will increase miss chance when the opponent attacks and magic reflect will return magic to the enemies. Another point which is also very nice is his speed. 4 speed will increase dodge opportunity as well.
Furious Chicken
The monster is used to absorb 1 attack by the opponent, either the snipe attack or in case my Pelacor Conjurer dies. Since its mana cost is 0, it's always nice to put it as free mana monster on the battlefield.
Creeping Ooze
The main purpose of using this monster is to slow the enemy down as we all know that speed plays crucial role in battle. Its 1 mana cost is also effective to build strong army (not consuming that much mana cost).
Time Mage
She is pretty awesome monster since she can slow the enemy down also, like Creeping Ooze. So in this match i give -2 speed to the enemy. Here speed is also crazy, 5 speed will make her attack first in the battle. Her 2 magic attack is also deadly.
Venari Crystalsmith
She is also one of the main monsters in my line-up. She has the tank ability which always increase Pelacor Conjurer health point each round after being attacked by the enemy. Her speed (3) and health (4) are good stats as well.
Halfling Alchemist
The last monster who plays important rule to win the match is Halfling Alchemist who can halve opponents attack when his attack hit them. The reason I put him behind is because he has 1 armor to negate opponent melee or ranged attack.

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Match Preview

Round 1

Round 1.gif

In the first round, the battle looks balanced, where my Time Mage is attacking Failed Summoner and the attack was returned. The same goes to Wood Nymph who attack my Pelacor Conjurer and the magic attack get reflected as well.

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Round 2

Round 2.gif

In the second round, my Pelacor Conjurer has successfully dodge Halfling Alchemist attack. The Lorna team has decrease Failed Summoner health point into 2 since their total attack is 4 but the enemy can only restore 2 point. Failed Summoner is gonna die in the next turn.

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Round 3

Round 3.gif

In the middle of the battle, Failed Summoner goes down and look like Chaos Agent too since the total attack of Lorna team is twice compared to Wood Nymph health restoration. At this round Chaos Agent health point reduced to 2.

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Round 4

Round 4.gif

At this round, Lorna team take down Chaos Agent. The important thing to note here is : my Pelacor Conjurer still survive since the enemy total attack is 2 and sometimes missed. Those attack are considered pointless since Venari Crystalsmith can restore 2 health point for Pelacor Conjurer. At this rate we are going to see Wood Nymph with Last Stand Ability soon.

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Round 5

Round 5.gif

As we predicted, Halfling Alchemist is down and only Wood Nymph left in the enemy side so the Last Stand will be activated. Wood Nymph magic attack become 2 after getting last stand ability but still, that's not enough to take the Pelacor Conjurer down since he got 2 health restoration from Venari Crystalsmith.

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Round 6

Round 6.gif

Pelacor Conjurer keep reflecting the magic attack from Wood Nymph and after being hit by Halfling Alchemist, Wood Nymph goes down. Lorna team wins.

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Opinion about Pelacor Conjurer

Although not having any attack, but Pelacor Conjurer is very strong if we can put him in appropriate position and arrange better strategy. Like suppose if the opponent is using magic monsters several times, we can just put Pelacor Conjurer at the first position, protect him with monsters who have tank heal and silence. We can also set amplify monster to increase Pelacor Conjurer magic reflect attack and then enjoy the battle.

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Alright guys, that's all I can share to all of you about how strong Pelacor Conjurer is. If you have any thought or question regarding to my idea, feel free to put it on the comment section below. Stay tune on my post to keep updated regarding battle tips and trick to earn more DEC reward. For those who are not playing Splinterlands yet, If you are interested to start playing and don't have any referral yet, you can use my referral link :

Stay Safe, Keep Grinding DEC plus Daily chest and Bye~

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  • @splinterlands : for making the best NFT game in the world.
  • @peakd : as the platform tools for idea sharing.
  • @peakmonsters : for providing great tools for renting cards.
  • @monstermarket : for giving cashback whenever players buy the cards. That's awesome.
  • @carrieallen : for the Markdown Tutorial lesson. That is amazing guideline.

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Very good post my friend, excellent explanation, no doubt it has been a good victory 😎