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The theme for the battle challenge this week is Lava Spider who has the snipe ability.

Snipe : Target enemy monsters with ranged, magic, or no attack that are not in the first position.

The attack order of snipe ability is started from the 2nd position (the monster next to tank monster) then goes to 3rd, 4th, etc. When there's no ranged, magic, or no attack monster in the backline, then snipe monster will attack the 1st position monster (tank).


Before we are going into the battle preview, I would like to tell about the blast ability as well, because the combination between snipe and blast ability will give fatal damage to the opponent monster, why? let's take a look at the explanation of blast ability below

Blast : Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.

Additional damage is equivalent to main damage divided by 2, rounded up. So suppose your snipe monster attacks opponent monster in 2nd position, the tank monster and 3rd position monster will take additional damage too! pretty amazing right?

Now let's jump into battle preview, the link of the battle is given below :


Mana & Rule Set

mana and ruleset.PNG new.PNG

Img_combat-rule_heavy-hitters (1).pngHeavy Hitters : All monsters do double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunned.
Combat-rule_noxious-fumes (1).pngNoxious Fumes : All monsters start the game poisoned and will take 2 damage each turn unless cleansed.
Available SplintersFire, Water, Earth, Life


Line Up

Reason to pick them up
Yodin ZakuI need Yodin Zaku to give the blast ability to all of my monsters. Since the mana cost of Yodin Zaku is 7, I need to choose monsters effectively. Lava Spider is fit with Yodin Zaku since it has 3 mana only.
Scorch FiendI choose Scorch Fiend in the 1st position to absorb the first attack of the opponent monster. His 0 mana is pretty good to add into my army.
Creeping OozeCreeping Oooze in the 2nd position to slow the enemy down. The reason I put it in 2nd position is because of Noxious Fume rule set. This monster will die after 1st round end, so I used this monster as the damage absorber as well.
CerberusCerberus will be the real tank to absorb enemy's attack since I am using lv 2 Cerberus who has 6 health and Heal ability, so I put it behind the Creeping Ooze.
Lava SpiderI choose Lava Spider since it has the snipe ability, like i have mentioned it earlier, snipe combined with blast will result deadly attack to the opponent team. I put it behind the Cerberus as the 2nd tank, in case of Cerberus died.
Ferexia GeneralFerexia General is the most important monster in the team since it has 2 attack and 3 speed with the snipe ability so that's why I put it between Lava Spider and Fire Demon. If opponent has snipe monster, it will attack Lava Spider and if opponent has sneak monster, it will attack Fire Demon which I put it in the last position.
Fire DemonI was using lv2 Fire Demon who has 6 health so i put it in the last position to anticipate if opponent is using the sneak monster.


Match Preview

Round 1


As you can see, the opponent is using Mylor Crowling as the summoner. this will give Thorns effect to their team.

Thorns : When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker

Round 2

round 1.PNG

At the end of Round 1, my Scorch Fiend and Creeping Ooze have died since they have very low mana but that's the purpose of putting them in 1st and 2nd position.
In this round my snipe ability monsters (Lava Spider and Ferexia General) were attacking Kron the Undying and it takes additional damage to Wood Nymph and Failed Summoner. as you can see, their health are decreasing.


The rule set Noxious Fumes applied, and mosnter with health <= 2, will die. which is resulting Wood Nymph, Khmer Princess, Goblin Sorcerer and Fungus Fiend die as per the picture above.


Did my strategy work?

Yes, The match went exactly as I predicted since my monsters have higher speed than Kron The Undying, my monster killed him first and the match is over. Yodin Zaku with Lava Spider won.

Will I try differently next time?

For the next match I would like to use Lava Spider along with Ferexia General and Mantoid since they have the snipe ability.


Opinion about Lava Spider

I am personally thinking that in low level, Lava Spider has snipe ability which makes it strong combined with Yodin Zaku. The higher level of lava Spider will make the monster stronger. So yes, I like Lava Spider.

Well, That's all about my Battle Weekly Challenge Post. If you have any ideas, comments or anything you can put them right in the comment section below.


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Alright then...

Stay Safe, Keep Grinding DEC + Daily chest and Bye~



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  • @peakd : as the platform tools for idea sharing
  • @peakmonsters : for providing great tools for renting and buying cards
  • @grapthar , @shaidon , @cornavirus : for guiding me the whole things about splinterlands both in telegram and discord channel



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