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Well, I would like to remind all of you guys about the Important of speed. In all of the battle (except reverse speed rulesets), speed is very important because if all of your monsters are faster than enemies, you can attack them prior to them and the you have higher chance to kill them first and win the battle. Second, having monster with high speed will increase the chance of your monster to dodge opponent attacks this is very important to keep alive in the whole rounds. Alright, now we know the advantage of speed but how to increase the speed of our monsters? Let's discuss it together in the next section!.

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Monsters Skills and Stats

2 monsters which are always used in the battle to increase or decrease the speed are Supply Runner and Creeping Ooze. Let's take a look at both monsters stats and skills below :

supply runner stats.PNG

The swiftness ability is only available for Lv.5 and above so started from Silver league, this monster can increase all friendly monsters speed. At maximum level which is available in Diamond League and above, this monster has Strengthen ability which can increase the health point of all enemy as well.

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ooze stats.PNG

The second monster which is frequently used is Creeping Ooze. This monster could reduce the speed of all enemy monsters. reducing the speed of enemy monster has the same function as increasing the speed of friendly team monster so both are having the same functionality. The only skill that Creeping Ooze has is only slow since its mana is only 1.

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Battle Link

Well, Here is the battle link where we can see the implementation of increasing and decreasing speed in the battlefield as well as where to put the monsters in proper position. You might want to check this out guys :

I have uploaded the battle on YouTube as well, here it is :

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Mana and Rule Sets

mana and rule sets.PNG

ability_divine-shield (1).pngHoly ProtectionAll Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.
healed-out 1.pngHealed OutAll healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners.

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Line Up

Alric Stormbringer
The reason I used this card is because I'm going to use many magic monsters from water splinter. His 3 mana cost will ease me to arrange card effectively. I need maximum level to be able to summon Lv.2 legendary card

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MonsterNameReason to Pick Up
Kelp Initiate
This monster has very high health with just 2 health point so I put him as a tank monster to absorb some of the opponent attack before my real tank (Djinn Oshannus) take his place in the 1st position.
Djinn Oshannus
This is my real tank monster since he has very high health point 11, void and phase ability. Void ability helps to reduce magic attack from opponent and phase ability will increase the chance for opponent magic attack to miss with the same calculation as melee and ranged attack.
Creeping Ooze
The reasons to put him is because it can reduce the speed of enemies which can increase the hit chance of friendly team and increase the chance for the opponent attack to miss. Its 1 mana cost is pretty nice to arrange some other strong cards.
Ice Pixie
I need her to fight as a magic monster since I used Alric Stormbringer. He adds additional 1 magic attack for her so she has 2 magic attack which cost 2 mana only. Her flying ability will increase chance for the opponent attack to miss.
Phantom of the Abyss
This is one of the key monster in the battle since he has 3 magic attack and great health point. Along with Alric, his magic attack becomes 4. His 6 attack will allow him to attack prior to some other monsters in the battle.
Supply Runner
I need him to increase the speed of all friendly team since he has swiftness ability. His 2 ranged attack with 4 speed will be useful to attack the enemy. He takes the role as the tank in the backmost of the line up in case the opponent use sneak monster.

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Round 1

round 1.gif

At the start of the battle, the Kinashi100 team reduced opponent team monster as they used Creeping Ooze. The same de-buff was being done by Curry.Frankfurt team since they used Baakjira. Fortunately, Kinashi100 has Supply runner with the swiftness ability so all the speed monsters of Kinashi100 back to normal.

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Round 2

round 2.gif

At this round, Baakjira is almost die since he has 1 health point left. Comparing the total attack at this round between 2 teams, Kinashi team has 9 magic attack and 2 ranged attack, while Curry.Frankfurt has 9 magic attack and 1 melee attack (which is not able to attack in the 2nd position).

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Round 3

round 3.gif

Baakjira and Torrent Fiend killed after getting enormous attack from Kinashi team. Now it's Oshannus vs Oshannus in the 1st position of either team but Oshannus in Kinashi team has the advantage since he has 6 speed 2 speed faster than Oshannus in Curry.Frankfurt team. This is increasing the dodge chance of the opponent attack and we can see Oshannus, Venari and Phantom magic attack on Oshannus were missed.

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Round 4

round 4.gif

Both team are attacking each of the Oshannus as he is the tank monster of either team.

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Round 5

round 5.gif

Again, Phantom magic attack on Oshannus is missed but Curry.Frankfurt team has successfully killed Oshannus at this round. In the other side, Oshannus of the Curry.Frankfurt team was almost died since he has 1 health point only.

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Round 6

round 6.gif

Oshannus in the Curry.Frankfurt dies while Kinashi team lost Creeping Ooze so the Opponent team gain 1 speed .

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Round 7

round 7.gif

Taking role in the 1st position, Both Ice Pixie and Venari Heatsmith died easily since their health point is pretty low. Now Only Phantom of the Abyss left in the Curry.Frankfurt. Kinashi team looks better since not only Phantom but they also has Supply runner.

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Round 8

round 8.gif

The match looks unbalanced when we see that Phantom of the Abyss of the Curry.Frankfurt has lower health point than Phantom of the Abyss of Kinashi team. 4 magic and 2 ranged attack vs 4 magic attack only.

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Round 9

round 9.gif

Phantom of the Abyss of the Curry.Frankfurt died after getting 4 magic attack from the Phantom of the Abyss of Kinashi team. Boom! the match is over and the opinion that speed is very important is absolutely right!.

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Alright guys, that's all I can share to all of you about the Important of speed in the battle. If you have any thought or question regarding to my idea, feel free to put it on the comment section below. Stay tune on my post to keep updated regarding battle tips and trick to earn more DEC reward. For those who are not playing Splinterlands yet, If you are interested to start playing and don't have any referral yet, you can use my referral link :

Stay Safe, Keep Grinding DEC and.... Bye~

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  • @splinterlands : for making the best NFT game in the world.
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  • @peakmonsters : for providing great tools for renting cards.
  • @monstermarket : for giving cashback whenever players buy the cards. That's awesome.
  • @carrieallen : for the Markdown Tutorial lesson. That is amazing guideline.

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