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Welcome back to my blog @kinashi100,

In this opportunity, I would like to share to all of you about the ways to defeat Waka Spiritblade. One of them is using monster who possesses Inspire ability. This post will cover :
  1. Silvershield Knight skills and stats
  2. Using Inspire ability to beat Waka (along with match analysis)
  3. Where to put Silvershield knight in battlefield

Alright guys, Let's get started!

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Stats and Skills

sk stats.PNG

1. Lv. 1-3

As we can see in above picture, the main ability of Silvershied Knight is Inspire which gives additional 1 melee attack to all friendly melee monsters. This ability is stacking which means if player has 2 monsters with inspire ability, then all melee attack will be increased by 2. This effect would not be available if Silvershield Knight died.


InspireGives all friendly Monsters +1 Melee attack. If you can use the Inspire ability twice in one battle, your Melee attacks will be catastrophic for the enemy.

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2. Lv. 4-7

The next skill to be unlocked when Silvershield Assassin reached Lv. 4-7 is piercing. In level 4 - 6 this ability is not really effective since the Silvershield Knight melee attack is just 3 (2+1). The more use case of this skill can be seen in Lv. 7 and above.


PiercingIf Melee or Ranged attack damage is in excess of the target's Armor, the remainder will damage the target's Health.

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3. Lv. 8-10

And the last skill which Silvershield Knight can utilize is Trample. The skill will allow Silvershield Knight to launch another attack to the next monster when he successfully killed enemy monster. Compared to another monster who has Trample ability like Rexxie and Undead Rexx, Silvershield attack is low, while both dinosaur attack is 6 melee attack.


TrampleWhen a Monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team

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Using Inspire ability to beat Waka

In this section, I would like to show you how inspire ability can beat Waka very easily. Let's discuss the match together. Here is the battle link where I successfully won against Waka Spiritblade user :

I have uploaded the battle video on the YouTube in case you want to watch the full match :

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Mana and Rule sets

mana and rule sets.PNG

Rule SetsNameExplanation
aim-true (1).pngAim TrueMelee and Ranged attacks always hit their target.
lost-magic (1).pngLost MagicMonsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.

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Match Analysis

Round 1

round 1 gif.gif

In the first round, Lorna team make great attack by killing 3 monsters! Carrion Shade, Undead Badger, Silent Sha-Vi all are dead after receiving attack from super sneak-opportunity army. I wrote "super" because they received additional 1 melee attack through inspire ability from Silvershield Knight. Waka army only consists of 2 monsters who have attack ability and from the 1st round, looks like we all know who will win the game. Very easy battle. This round shows us how important the inspire role to defeat Waka.

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Round 2

round 2 gif.gif

Uraeus dead after getting poisoned. Now it's Assasin Skeleton turn to get hit by super sneak-opportunity monsters and then died. Pelacor Conjurer will die in round 3 since his health point is just 2.

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Round 3

round 3 gif.gif

The match continue with Silvershield Knight as a new tank replacing Pelacor Conjurer. The super sneak-opportunity attack continues and now the Lorna army kills Xenith Monk. The only monster left in Waka team is Riftwing who has no attack.

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Round 4

round 4 gif.gif

The match is over. with no attack, it's just the matter of time until Riftwing dies. The lesson we got from the match is we need to make huge and fast attack when we are fighting against Waka because the poison will always being activated so we need to kill them all first before we died because of poison.

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Where to put Silvershield Knight

SK position.png

Most of the time, I put Silverhield Knight as the tank because that is the only position where he can attack the enemies while giving additional melee attack to the friendly army. Sometimes i put him in 2nd like the match I was showing to you because there is 2 spare mana which can be filled by Pelacor Conjurer since his health point is high. I also put him in the last position if the mana is high and I can put better tank monster like Shieldbearer.

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Alright guys, That's all about my sharing related to beating Waka using Inspire ability, If you have any thought you can put it in the comment section below. We can discuss it together 😄. For those who are not playing Splinterlands yet, If you are interested to start playing and don't have any referral yet, you can use my referral link :

Stay Safe, Keep Grinding DEC plus Daily chest and Bye~

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