HOLD or TP ?

As a splinterlands player, I've seen the game's ups and downs.

ups like:
Splinterlands token (SPS) value skyrockets to $1.07 4 months ago (July 28 2021) and
Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) value skyrockets to $0.01653925 1 month ago (October 15 2021)
and downs like the value goes down for a long time

However, holding DEC is also a wise decision since holding DEC and storing it in a wallet provides you with an air drop of SPS tokens every day. The more your holdings, the larger the sps air drop.

and also Profiting from high-value deals is another typical desire of investors.

However, the final decision is yours.

Your simple help means a lot to me.
@kiritzgaming my splinterlands account thank you.