My thoughts and view about Splintelands.


Hello all fellow Splinterlanders.

Well I decided to make a post here after reading a learning about the game since I started playing on September 2021.

I have to admit that the game got me hooked from the very beginning. I immediately started looking for gameplays and streamers and honestly the community along the game is really awesome. Everyone was eager to help and advice and I really appreciate that.

So playing the game became a trend for me and as I said I got hooked. I got involved more into streams and trying to boost my collection as much as I could. I have to admit that after 7 months of playing only recently I got some good cards and decks that give me those extra wins.

I like to play, because I want to compete and win. So I keep asking and looking for ways to get improved and get more wins. I realised that if you don't have the funds to get cards so you can be more competitive, you need to have patience, so yo slowly grow stronger.

Yes the more you invest into the game the more rewarding it is. Don't expect to make a living by just buying the spellbook.

I would love to hear you opinions and ideas regarding your playstyle. What type of player are you?

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards my friends