Sharing my weekly Battle Challenge! Cruel Sethropod, how cruel can he be?


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Welcome to Koodies's battle weekly post, whereby I try to challenge myself to write a post to understand more about splinterlands tactics and sprinkle the wonders of splinterlands to all my readers! Game On ~

Battle Link:

Battle Overview



SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Kelya Frendul4Summoner+ 1 🛡️ Armor , +1 ⏩ Speed
Diemonshark81st💗 Health: 6,🛡️ Armor: 1,⏩ Speed: 2
Cruel Sethropod32nd💗 Health: 4,🛡️ Armor: 3,⏩ Speed: 1
Angelic Mandarin33rd💗 Health: 5,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 2
Deeplurker64th💗 Health: 6,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 2
Ice Pixie25th💗 Health: 1,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 3
Igor Darkspear26th💗 Health: 4,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 3
Total Mana:28


Chosen Kelya as the summoner because I wanted to use water splinters as most of them have higher speeds than the other splinters. One of the main reasons is this is a Back Basics match therefore nothing else matters other than the splinter speed. The faster it is, the likely chance of dodging is higher.

Why no Earth or Death which I have a higher level summoner? Their speed is lower and most of their melee comes with ability without those abilities there is kind of a softy or requires too much mana to be cost-effective.

One of the best tanks the water splinter team has. It has a total of Effective Health Points at 13 against non-magic damage splinter. It has an average of 2 melee damage.

Well choose this because number 1 I need a filler with low mana, number 2 it has a very effective health points of 7.

With the leftover 7 mana and 3 empty slots for a splinter, I choose Angelic Mandarin because it has a high amount of health compared to the other Chaos card.

Having Angelic Mandarin tank some damage for deep lurker and the backline to deal more damage is a pretty nice strategy.

The second chosen card is right after the diemonshark. Deeplurker has high damage of 3, with 2 being the average and 1 being the lowest, he considers a stable in most of the melee matches but sadly this tournament is a Chaos Only battlefield and also back to basic match.

We are unable to get select demented shark to boost his melee damage by 1.

With the leftover 7 mana and 3 empty slots for splinter out of the 3 slots, I choose Ice Pixie for its low mana cost and ability well it is just a higher chance to dodge melee damage.

With the left over of 7 mana and 3 empty slots for splinter. Last but not least, I choose Igor Darkspear who only require 2 mana. One of cheap chaos unit for water splinter!

Round 1


Okay so my opponent is using a level 2 Kelya oh no ... this isn't great he has a level 3 Cruel Sethropod and Kulu Swimhunter.

In terms of speed, most of his card out speed mine and him having Serpent of Eld allow him to have a higher ground than me.

Round 2


Okay sure I took down his Serpent of Eld before the start of round 2 but my diemonshark is already down by half of his effective health points

Round 3


Well I did manage to make his diemonshark down by half of its effective health points. Hopefully my strategy of having Angelic Mandarin to tank some damage works.

Round 4


And there goes my Cruel Lobster.

# Round 5

Well, that was fast ... Angelic Mandarin was gone in a round before his Cruel Sethropod. I guess the Angelic Mandarin didn't really do very well but heh it's better than nothing. Doesn't look good at this point.

Round 6


Okay, my deeplurker manages to tank a number of damage, but he definitely will not survive this round. With the armor on his remaining splinters, I just pray that my Igor will knock down the armor first before deeplurker do big damage.

Round 7


Okay at this point I knew I cock up. Face Palm oh great.

My battle in a nutshell


What I should have done

SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Kelya Frendul4Summoner+ 1 🛡️ Armor , +1 ⏩ Speed
Diemonshark81st💗 Health: 6,🛡️ Armor: 1,⏩ Speed: 2
Cruel Sethropod32nd💗 Health: 4,🛡️ Armor: 3,⏩ Speed: 1
Angelic Mandarin33rd💗 Health: 5,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 2
Deeplurker64th💗 Health: 6,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 2
Igor Darkspear25th💗 Health: 4,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 3
Ice Pixie26th💗 Health: 1,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 3
Total Mana:28

With this, I will have won this match ... Wasted. 😭

What so great about this lobster?

This table is generated using Koodies's Splintertools #3, created by @koodies
RulesetsCruel Sethropod
Stats🔮 Mana: 3,💗 Health: 4,🛡️ Armor: 3,⏩ Speed: 1
aim-true.png👍 Nice to have
armored-up.png👍 More Armor why not
back-to-basics.png➖ Not affected
broken-arrows.png➖ Not affected
close-range.png➖ Not affected
earthquake.png👍 At least 4 rounds. Not bad
equalizer.png👍 It's probably has the lower chance of having Cruel Sethropod having the highest life.
equal-opportunity.png👍 Nice to have
even-stevens.png👎 It's an odd mana card
explosive-weaponry.png👍 Nice to have
odd-ones-out.png👍 It's an odd mana card
fog-of-war.png➖ Not affected
healed-out.png➖ Not affected
heavy-hitters.png➖ Not affected
keep-your-distance.png👎 Can't use
little-league.png👍 Can be use
lost-legendaries.png➖ Not affected
lost-magic.png➖ Not affected
melee-mayhem.png👍👍 Now it can attack from any position
noxious-fumes.png👎 Only 2 rounds
reverse-speed.png👍👍👍 Speeeed 1 Power
rise-of-the-commons.png👍 Can be use
spreading-fury.png👍 Nice to have
stampede.png➖ Not affected
super-sneak.png👍 Nice to have
taking-sides.png➖ Not affected
target-practice.png➖ Not affected
unprotected.png👎 Boooo going to drop effective health points
up-close-&-personal.png👍 Can be use


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Thanks for sharing! - Legalizabrazil#3575

Nice report! You're really active at tournaments, already fought agains you! Cheers and thanks for share!