Disciples of Helio: Account Operator Results (5/1 - 6/30)


Hello fellow Hivians!

It has been quite some time since I've provided an update for the AOH trooper accounts. That said, this report will be a dual month report covering both May and June activity. These months were a bit hectic for me personally as I was traveling constantly for work. Its wonderful to be back home though and back at the grind.

One thing I'll note is that during my absence I wasn't actively playing both accounts. When I was playing it was primarily just aoh1 as I have been grinding brawl merits to get the account as many gladiator points as possible.

Prior to the update, Gladiator cards were the best way to earn DEC (via burn) for Silver level decks. This may be true even now given how low DEC battle rewards are but that is to be determined as the new quest system throws out a lot in terms of loot opportunities.



Over the past two months the accounts have earned a total of 1,197.17 DEC and a total of 27 cards with a burn value of 1,620 DEC. This higher than normal burn value is due to pulling a legendary AND multiple gold foils as a result of these new and improved daily quests. Even though AOH1 technically qualifies to run in S3 I ran it in B1 due to the way the new system works. This allowed me to accumulate WAY more chests than normal resulting in greater rewards despite the fact that each individual chest was worth less. This was technically considered an exploit by the team and they have reworked the system since. I suspect future rewards will be lower as a result.

For June alone you can see the results of the Bronze chests. For 1 month (of light play even) the account brought in 202 chests which compared to a normal B1 account in the past you would be lucky to pull 35 chests.

Of course we have also been pulling SPS as part of the daily airdrop and are doing well in that regard too. During this time frame I claimed 22.213 SPS which at a value of .05 each gives us just over $1. Not too bad given none of that came from staked SPS!


Other Updates

With the crypto crash a lot of our members have been a bit less active so we don't really have any major updates as of late.

  1. We are looking for members to act as operators for 2 more accounts if you are interested in playing a part much like mine. One of these accounts is Bronze level and the other is Silver.


How to join our guild:

To join Disciples of Helio please complete the below steps:

  1. Join our Guild Discord channel.
  2. Once in discord introduce yourself with a bit of your Splinterlands background and why you are interested.
  3. Pay our monthly 100 DEC membership fee to @acolytesofhelio

Guild Requirements:

We strive to have an active membership that is interested in both Splinterlands and the idea of working together. As such we have a few requirements:

  1. Keep current with guild membership fees: 100 Dec per month
  2. Interact with the guild regularly on Discord. Discord is our primary communication medium
  3. Post on Hive. At the end of the day, we value members that value the Hive environment. Our members have all grown their Hive accounts by actively supporting each other and we expect the same from newer members.
  4. Purchase at least 1 Cartel token. We work closely with OneUp and the 1UP-Cartel and require members to hold at least 1 token. Check this post for details on the Cartel.

Guild Benefits:

Why join a guild and pay a fee; well because you get benefits to do so of course.

  1. Bonus DEC per win: 2-3% currently
  2. Access to Brawls and Gladiator cards
  3. Automatic curation from the Guild account for all Hive Posts
  4. Voting rights on the fate of the guild and its assets.
  5. Free cards with winning all matches during a brawl
  6. Access to knowledgeable members to help you build your decks



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Helpful Details

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Thanks for the update! I hope Oceanbee already did pay you :)


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