Weekly Battle Challenge: Pirates of Azmare



Hello fellow TCG enthusiasts!

This week's battle challenge is focused on Pirate Captain, the scourge of the Azmarean seas.

If this is the first you are hearing of the Splinterlands 'Share Your Battle!' challenge, check out the official rules and guidelines in this post. Now lets get into this week's challenge.


Card Overview - Pirate Captain


Although Pirate Captain offers quite a bit at 3 mana with snipe, 3 health, and a ranged attack, I often leave him out of my lineups given the 3 mana slots are generally going to my utility cards. That said, if I had him at level 6 that would certainly change with his addition of Inspire.



Battle Link

Context: Regular Ranked match in Gold 3.
Ruleset as follows:


Earth/Dragon were banned. As my strongest splinter is Dragon not being able to use it meant I would most likely lose this fight as I'd be dealing with only lvl 1 options. Further, the 'taking sides' modifier took out a lot of my versatility options via my neutral cards. The one bright side was that this was a relatively low mana fight at 20.





This was actually an interesting fight for me. At first glance I thought this would be an open shut loss given 2 of my oponent's cards were leveled included the dreaded grandma Coco. Her additional magic attack would indeed ultimately be the cause of my demise but it came down to the wire. Had Coco not had her magic attack it would have been a win for this old sea dog.

Throughout the fight my water elemental managed to secure multiple dodges giving him a chance to stay on the board longer and absorb hits for Captain.


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