Intoducing Myself


Hi Guys. I am new here in peakd/hive and especially very new in vlogging, writing and posting anything. I rarely post anything in social media and never vlog. Why? because I don't have confidence in my writing skills and English, however thanks to my guild leader in Splinterlands, he opened my eyes and enlightened me about the advantages and opportunities in vlogging. And made my first vlog here at You can check it here .

Hi, let me introduce myself my name is Arjay Lawrence B. Santiago, 26 years old from Isabela, Philippines. However I am currently living in Manila, Philippines. I graduated with the degree of BS Computer Engineering.

My in game name(IGN) is Necrozark, I got it from one of my favorite book Reborn:Apocalypse. I'm using my ign kraaaaa right now because I have staked my sps and powered my hive in this account, thus I will still continue using this for my blogs.

My Hobbies

  • I love reading books/novels, watching and playing PC games. I prefer books in Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction and LITRPG genre.

  • Watching. I think I watched everything from Anime, Kdrama, Jdrama, Netflix series, documentaries and movies. My favorite series is currently The Witcher.

  • Playing games, I love playing games. I have tens of thousands game played in steam with Dota2 and CSGO, and currently playing Valorant as well. Now I'm just focusing in Splinterlands.


I just recently quit my job because of the pandemic (Covid-19). And currently playing NFT games such as Splinterlands and Axie. I also tried investing/trading however since I have little to zero knowledge about trading and investing I have lost 80% of my investment. So now, instead of doing nothing and getting depressed, I am learning how to invest/trade. I am reading books, attending workshops and watching YouTube videos to be become a better trader and achieve my goal to be financially free.


I will continue to purse my goal to become financially free, so that money won't affect any decisions that I will make.

I'm still planning to play Splinterlands for years to come and try to win some tournaments and also try to climb the leaderboards.

I will continue writing vlogs here in, mostly with the Splinterlands community. Also planning to start my YouTube channel but haven't muster my courage yet.

I will still be seeing you guys here in hive, and thanks for having me.

Special thanks to @chillwithshanna for showing me the newbie guide.

@chillwithshanna @ocd


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