Splinterlands Brawls with B**TY L*CKERS!


Hi guys, I am back with our SPLINTERLANDS BRAWLS. This is not our latest brawl fight but I wanted to share this specific BRAWL because of the games in this match was fun.



I thought I would lose this game due to the raw damage the enemy monsters had, but my MYCELIC INFANTRY and VENATOR KINJO were able to withstand the damage and buy time for my damage dealers to win the game. This game demonstrates that a high damage output lineup is insufficient for the EXPLOSIVE WEAPONRY ruleset to win the game; controlling blast damage and selecting two tanks is still the best option in this match, in my opinion.

Battle Link Here


The second game was all about QUORA TOWERSHEAD, she alone was able to destroy all of the enemy monsters even though I picked a lineup that counters against MELEE/Physical Damage I was still able to win the game because of her alone.

Battle Link Here


Because of the ruleset SUPER SNEAK, we both have multiple melee monsters in our lineup to maximize the ruleset. But the difference between us is, I mixed my damage output with physical and magical damage, and thanks to my two magical monsters, I was able to deal more damage while ignoring the enemy monsters' armor and winning the game.

Battle Link Here


An easy win for the fourth game due to the enemy not submitting his team on time.



My strategy for the fifth game was similar to the first, with a first position tank with high HP and Armor, a secondary position monster with the SHIELD REFLECT ability to negate the ruleset's blast damage, and a support who can HEAL my tank to buy more time for my damage dealers to win the game. And that was enough to win the game because my opponent lacked a strong secondary tank capable of deflecting/blocking the ruleset's BLAST damage.

Battle Link Here


Another highlight game from my QUORA TOWERSHIELD, I was able to eliminate the opponent's range monster with the help of the ruleset, buffing my QUORA even more and finishing off the enemy's main tank.

Battle Link Here


We both have a strong offensive lineup. I chose double OPPORTUNITY monsters while the opponent chose SNEAKS. With the death of his main tank, his secondary position monster URAEUS was unable to use its skill SNEAK to deal damage to my last position monster, allowing my ZSGALD VORST to live and eliminate all of the enemy monsters one by one without taking any damage, which gave me the game.

Battle Link Here


Once again, my opponent and I had a similar idea on how to build our lineup, with the only difference this time being that he went for a highly offensive lineup while I went for both defense and offense, which proved effective because even though the enemy had higher damage output I was still able to win the game.

Battle Link Here





Being away from BRAWLS made me rusty; I played poorly in my last brawl, but I was able to bounce back in this BRAWL, and as usual, my guildmates continue to dominate their frays, with a 12 win difference between second and third place; this is also the first time that I was able to gain SPS on our brawls.
The meta is still similar to when I was active, but there are many new cards that I am still unfamiliar with, and doing BRAWLS is still a fun and amazing experience, and QUORA continues to dominate the game.

All of the images are owned by splinterlands.
The cover photo was made in canva.
The GIF was made in Lunapic
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