SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Gargoya Scrapper

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Gargoya Scrapper is a common card in the life deck. It's from the Chaos Legion edition. Its strong point is that it only costs one point of mana, but it has only one point of damage and two points of health and speed. The only skill he gains at level 3 is Void (reduced damage from Magic attacks).

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My strategy in this battle consisted of attacking from behind for as much damage as possible and putting monsters with a good amount of health up front. Although the levels of the opponent's monsters are higher, the combination of the Repair skill (restore some armor to the ally Monster whose armor took the most damage) and the Unprotected rule (monsters have no armor and do not gain armor from Skills) or Summoner Buffs) gave me an advantage over the opponent because they are not a good combination, which makes me think that the opponent was using bot

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Thanks for listening.

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