Two months playing Splinterlands...

Play to Win games are gaining more and more space in the Games industry

I'm really enjoying playing Splinterlands, I've been playing between 25 and 30 games a day since I joined on the 6th of August.
During these two months there have been some changes both negative and positive, the interesting thing being that the Dec price continues to rise while the value won per match, in each respective classification, remains balanced. Some changes affected my earnings like not being able to buy Quest Potions using credits, which in the short term hurt me as a beginning player, but in the long term, keeps the game economically healthy. There are still ways to profit from Splinterlands.

Today I'm going to talk about 3 ways to make money, either to reinvest in the game or to invest in other assets.

Earning Dec in matches

The DEC earned in a match takes into account factors such as daily DEC odds, daily DEC reward pool, card types and edit bonuses, consecutive wins (up to +50%), guild bonus, gold cards (+10% ), how many players are sharing a pool at that time, etc.

Being in bronze, on average, it is possible to get 20 to 45 tens a day, which is something around 900 tens a month.
In silver, winning around 15 matches a day, it is possible to have a profit of at least 2000 tens per month.
From Gold 3 onwards it is much more worthwhile to win ten of the matches, as each match can give something around 15 to 30 ten depending on the factors listed above.

Trading Cards

Following the value of the cards during these two months, I could see that the price fluctuation occurs due to several factors, Dec quote, number of people entering the game, announcements about updates in the game, time of the season etc.
When I'm going to buy or sell cards I'm mainly looking at Chart of Ten, Game Update Announcements (especially when they affect new players) and how many days are left until the season ends.

Renting Cards

Currently, the only good card I have for rent is Venari Wavesmith, with him I'm earning DEC 1.3 a day. In the Chaos Legion pack will have good cards, taking as an example the new cards that preceded, 21 cards, who managed to acquire the 8 most valuable cards, would be earning 30 ten per day, at today's price, putting them for rent.
With the launch of Chaos Legion and a league using cards from the last three editions (Untamed, Dice and Chaos Legion I think we will be well rewarded for believing and investing in the project.