SPLINTERLANDS - Daily Quest - No Neutrals

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8th March, 2022


Today's quest was No Neutrals.

I was surprised to see this pop up but given I decided to complete it later at night, I was happy with only needing 3 wins to complete the quest :P

I usually try to play Earth for this quest as it's the easiest to spam all magic which synergizes well with Obsidian, but any of my splinters are easy enough to play without neutral monsters. I don't use them as often as maybe i should? But at least it helps for these types of quests.

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Record 4W - 1L

I took 5 battles to win todays quest, the first one I didn't really compete and the second I foolishly played a Uraeus card which of course didn't count towards the quest.
Once I got my head in the game, it was a clean sweep for an easy quest.

I used 2 Life decks and 1 Earth deck to complete the quest which was good as they are probably my 2 most favourite splinters to paly with at the moment.

Here is a LINK to one of my closer battles. Luckily, the Lone Boatman's snipe came in clutch and helped my get the W.


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My rentals expired so I am back in Silver 1 and thus, only had 4 reward chests.

  • Gargoya Lion, ironically a neutral card, is one I almost never play. Nevertheless, it's a free card and one that will appreciate in value over the long term.
  • 1 Legendary Potion. I am sticking to my rule of not opening any more packs until I have enough potions for them. So this is a small step towards me opening another pack.
  • 12 DEC is almost an insult. But hey, I wont complain (much)

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