Legendary Grum Flameblade VS Tech Priest Gimmy | Splinterlands VS Psyber-X | Hell in a Cell - Death


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The rivalry between Splinterlands Monsters and PsyberX fighters fueled to its peak when PsyberX released an epic coverage of its game, along with its Whitepaper.


The Common Monsters began to rumble between themselves and they caused commotion in the Splinterworld.

The Rare and Epic Monsters tried to settle the commotion to prevent the 6 Splinter worlds from convoking THE MEETING OF THE WORLDS, where all Legendary warriors (Summoners and Monsters) sit at the upper echelon, with the Gold Foil warriors at the highest governing point.

The effort of the Rare and Epic Monsters was successful and the commotion was settled. But, unfortunately, this was only TEMPORARY!


New set of PsyberX fighters began to emerge and await entrance into the Metropolis of Zeelis:


Among these fighters, the Tech Priest Gimmy who was waiting to be admitted as one of the PsyberX fighters, began boasting about his 8 rules (with the 7th being an invisible rule which can be seen by only himself). He then acclaimed to the hearing of the Splinter warriors:

“Do you have a warrior who can challenge me? I bet you don’t! I am faster than your so-called fastest warrior! I am well prepared for any battle! I have better skills, weapons and equipment than your so-called warrior! Let, he or she come and challenge me, I AM READY! I WILL DEFEAT THEM!”

Immediately, the commotion in the Splinter worlds was hotter, and this time, the Rare and Epic Monsters joined.

The Legendary Grum Flameblade looks at the boastful Tech Priest Gimmy with utter disgust. He descends from his throne, and the whole fire nation was silent.

He wraps himself with his gold foil and takes up his level 4 mantle. O! What a god! Shining in full splendour! Full of Majesty! The Undying! Undefeated Warrior!

The news spread around the Splinter Worlds, and other Splinters began to rejoice because the Legendary Grum Flameblade will shut up the Boastful PsyberX warrior, Tech Priest Gimmy once and for all.


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The Match is set!

A Hell in a Cell Match!
O no!
A Death Match!

Let’s see who will win this match: The Legendary Grum Flameblade or the Boastful Tech Priest Gimmy?

Oooo, here are some of the Rules of the Game

  • Every Weapon is allowed
  • All Styles are allowed
  • Ranged and Melee attackers can attack from anywhere
  • Mana Cap will not be considered
  • Victory is Achieved by total defeat and annihilation of opponent.
  • Battle shall be carried out inside the unbreakable cage
  • No restoration of life during the battle, either with lvl tokens or tank healers.





Element: FIRE

Attack: MELEE

Abilities: Bloodlust, Void Armor, Void and Giant Killer.

Bloodlust - Every time this Monster defeats an opponent, it gets +1 to all stats (in the Reverse Speed ruleset, -1 to Speed)

Void Armor - Magic attacks hit this Monster's armor before its Health.

Void - Reduced damage from Magic attacks.

Giant Killer - Does double damage against targets that cost 10 or more mana.


Grum is known throughout his tribe as the strongest warrior. Born in the Sands of Draykh-Nahka, his hard upbringing made him a survivor. There was no weather too extreme, no drought too long, and no enemy too cunning for Grum. He became well-respected within the region for his battle prowess and defended his tribe countless times against the creatures of the wastes. Tales were sung around the fires of Grum's battle with the Great Wyrm of the Sands, the Earth-Shaking Titan, and Velissa the Sorceress. Grum's tribe, known as the Desert Blood, honored tradition, strength, and courage. He grew to become a legend amongst his people.

One day, he felt the spirits of his ancestors calling to him. Going on a solitary journey into the wasteland, he connected with an ancient past. A ruin lay deep underneath the desert that housed powerful mana. That connection imbued him with magic, and he became able to summon fire on his great sword, making him more formidable than ever before.

Grum could have taken this gift and used it to defend his tribe, but instead, he became arrogant. Who could defeat a warrior with a blade of fire? He began traveling, seeking out any foe that pleased him and doing as he chose. Even in the often dangerous draconic lands of Draykh-Nahka, there were few who would cross Grum.

His path took him across the Chaos Legion. Grum battled their warriors, but found he could not overcome their collective might. Their magic, their tactics, and their motivations were strange to Grum. It was something he'd never come across before. Rather than surrender, Grum was impressed. He chose to join the Chaos Legion and use their might to find new foes to face.

Grum now serves in the front lines of battle for the Chaos Legion. While he is a leader of the fiercest warriors, Grum fights right alongside even the newest soldier. He prefers to be the first to break the lines of the enemy and bring their heads back as his trophies. His ferocity and burning blade earned him the name Grum Flameblade across the land.



As a level 4 gold foil Legendary Monster, Grum Flameblade has:

  • 5 attack effect
  • 1 Speed
  • 15 Health
  • 5 Shield
  • Abilities of Bloodlust, Void Armor, Void and Giant Killer.



Gimmy had an uncle who worked in the healing and mental health departments of *PsyberxChurch and soon became the face of the *PsyberxChurch television show: Hour of Power. This earned him a coveted spot at Vatican University, where he studied in the Pimp-Up Boy engineering program and earned a master's degree in his subject. Despite this, Gimmy was mentally trained enough with a penchant for technology to be able to automatically regenerate his health at higher levels. June 6th is the Tec-Priests holiday, all Tec-Priests meet on this day with a loud: Harr, Harr (pirate).
Because of his notoriety and connections within the Priests' Guild, he was selected for a TV spot on Vatican TV, where he acted as a Claims Day figurehead and pimp-up boy specialist. Now that a new world is ready to be formed, it is Gimmy's destiny to bring the power and unity of the Tec-Priests to the galaxy, one Survival Guide rule at a time!

STATS/The Rule Book

  • Rule1: be faster than your opponent
  • Rule2: Never come to a gun duel armed with a knife
  • Rule3: have better equipment than your opponent
  • Rule4: you don't shit where you eat
  • Rule5: be smarter than the other
  • Rule6: Sex before a fight can be a booster (+1 faster shooting)
  • Rule8: If I were you, I'd rather be me again


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The Grum Flameblade comes with his level four gold foil. With 5 attack effect, 1 Speed,15 Health, 5 Shield and Abilities of Bloodlust, Void Armor, Void and Giant Killer.

The Tech Priest Gimmy, seeing the Stats of his opponent, prepares harder following his rules (granting him +2 increase in cases where he will be more than his opponent).

RULE ONE: Be Faster than your Opponent – the Grum Flameblade has a 1 speed, the Tech Priest speed will be +2 = 3 Speed

RULE TWO: Never come to a gun duel armed with a knife – In this battle, he came prepared. Hence, he comes prepared also as a Melee attacker just like his opponent.

RULE THREE: Have better equipment than your opponent: O no! With this, he has a better equipment than his opponent. I see him bringing the Heavy Assault Aircraft (HAA).

Only seconded by the all powerful Giant Mech. The HAA will serve as a strategically placed battlefield up setter. (similar to the Harrier from COD MW2 if you are familiar) The HAA will coast around the open field laying waste to all targets within it's range (which is large) as the opponent it's best to hide while the tides are changed.


For this battle, this weapon will have 3 attack effect.

RULE FOUR: You don’t shit where you eat…. Eeeeem, I still don’t know how this is applicable here.. hahahahahahaha 😅

RULE FIVE: Be Smarter than the other – With higher speed and higher intelligence, he will be able to reason ahead of his opponent.

RULE SIX: Sex before a fight can be a booster (+2 faster shooting) – hahahahaha, he definitely prepared himself to get this booaster.

RULE SEVEN: (the invisible rule known to himself alone)

RULE EIGHT: If I were you, I’d rather be me again – well, he still wears his pride and boastful attitude to the stage.

Oh no! Nothing is said about his health status or health power!

That means he will have a normal/relatively low health status. Let's give him a health status half of the Grum (15/2 = 7.5). So let's give him an 8.



The Stage is set!
The Fighters are ready!!
The Audience are cheering so hard!!!
Let the Battle Begin!


In a bid to show his superior speed and cleverness, Gimmy will begin the fight by throwing punches at the Legendary Grum. He will also make use of his Lethal weapon of destruction, Heavy Assault Aircraft (HAA) to shoot at the Legendary Grum, to give him Lethal damages at the beginning round.

But the Legendary Grum is not left unguarded! He has his shield strong 🛡 with him to ward off blows. Even if it were a Magic attack, he will ward off the Magic attack with his ability of Void.

Oh no! The Grum withstood the attack of Gimmy with just 4 damages only on his shield, thanks too Gimmy's weapon of destruction, Heavy Assault Aircraft (HAA).

But his 15 health is still intact!

O, it's time for the Legendary Grum to give his Blow!

O no!

Just one blow!

5 attack effect immediately 💔 The health status of Gimmy has moved from 8 to 3, with just one blow. Little wonder the Grum is a Legendary warrior.

Although he is slow, but he is mighty!

Gimmy is left devastated and he is trying to recover.

Oh no, the rule of the game states that there will be no restoring of health by any Player 💔

This is bad for Gimmy, he is left with only 3 life status. He focused more and prided on his speed, smartness and weapons that he failed to realize that he is up against not just a Common Card, not just a Rare Card, not just an Epic Card. But a Legendary Card.


This is more like a Check mate for him, because if the Grum strikes a second time, then the game is over!

The Legendary Grum's other abilities of Void, Void Armor and Giant Killer will not even be applicable in this case since Gimmy is not a Magic User and Mana Cap is not also applicable in this game.


Now Gimmy is confused! His cleverness can't save him against the Legendary Grum.

He delivers multiple blows with the strength left in him and he puts on his Heavy Assault Aircraft (HAA).

His blows completely damaged the Shield of the Grum, and the Grum was left unguarded.
With the Heavy Assault Aircraft (HAA), he delivers 3 blows to the Grum.

The Grum is left with 12 ❤.

O no!
The Grum delivers a fatal blow to Gimmy and that was a massive knockout.

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If you haven't joined the Splinterlands game or started playing, I invite you go join using the link below.
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Your comments will be highly appreciated as it'll help me improve my strategy and understanding of the game.


  • The mock video was created by me 😅😅😅 a product of my imagination 🤣🤣 based on the two big games in the Hive Blockchain.
  • The PsyberX line Divider was created by me, using Psyberx weapon.
  • The videos and images gotten from Psyberx and Splinterlands are used in this post for the purpose of spreading/marketing the @psyberx and @Splinterlands games.
  • Other external images were properly cited.
  • The audio in my video is a composition titled Action Rhythms - By David Fesliyan. Downloaded from, source


I appreciate the @psyberx @reptilestudio team for the development of the PsyberX game. I also appreciate @bobthebuilder2 for this initiative. It is really fun for me writing and creating stuffs like this. Thank you, you are truly a Builder of Men @bobthebuilder2.

I also appreciate @clove71 and the entire curation team, admins and moderators of this @splinterlands community for running this platform and making it a home for lovers of splinterlands.

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