Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 180// Wood Nymph & River Nymph

Hi guys! Congratulations to all winners of previous week's Art Contest. All entries are amazing! For this week's Art Contest, I am still not yet over with my Nymphs. This time I will have both Wood Nymph and River Nymph in my content;


This is the process;

*Ideation - search for a poster that I would get an idea from.
*Source referencing - look for body, head, and face reference from anime and copy it.
*Details - making sure that no detail is left uncheck; what I do is that I separately draw important details then just add them later.


*Coloring - this is the hard part; I need to make sure that colors are appropriate. I don't just add the correct colors, I make sure that it fits the content and i should look good for me.


*Create background & fore ground - grounds are also created separately; that is my way to make sure details are consistent.
*Choose Image for background - for this one I just need to make sure that it does not look awkward and questionable when combined with the subject.

hugs + kisses.png

*Copywriting - in it involves all the writ in the content.

hugs + kisses (1).png

*Finalize - doublecheck everything; then, post.

The Nymphs.png

That's it! Thank you for checking it.

About the Author:
Name: Mark Juneil Bucao
Location: Philippines
Profession: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Basic Video Editor, Social Media Manager
Hobbies: Blogging, Vlogging & Soap Making


😆👏😆👏 Well done!!


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Just for future reference, in the Splinterlands weekly art contest, we only allow one entry per person per week. Also, make sure not to post the same content more than once. You can cross-post but if you post the same content more than once people consider it recycling and it might get you some downvotes.

It doesn't seem like you have done it much before but i just wanted to help out and mention it now before anything negative comes of it. Recycling doesn't apply to showing a work in progress and then later posting the finished art.

To help support your success and to help you from making any mistakes here on the platform... i wanted to share two posts i made to help newer users do well here on Hive.

Please check those out when you get some time and make sure NOT to do the things in there it warns against doing. I think this will increase your chances of support moving forward and accelerate your growth as well!

Take care and keep up the awesome art!