Splinterlands Battle of the Day


@Splinterlands Battle of the Day


Xia Seachan


I jumped up into gold today and my strongest splinters are Earth and Life. The only parameter is Silenced Summoners. I figured with 2 tank healers and taunt plus 3 monsters with 9 health our higher, my chances were good. I put the 3 high health creatures in the front to have the continous healing. and 1 creature in the back to protect from Sneak.

Team Breakdown

Mycelic Slipspawn - Has Forcefield so protected from big hitters. high health so big healing benefits
Prismatic Energy - High high health so big healing benefits, Good against magic with Refelect
Centauri Mage - Another hight healh creature. Good against ranged with Return Fire
Goblin Psychic - Tank healer. Affliction. Super good.
Wood Nymph - Second tank healer.
Khmer Princess - 2 drop to fill out the mana

The Battle

After seeing the opponents choices i was feeling pretty good. I killed Legionnaire Alvar before any of my creatures died. But River Hellondale used Resurrect and that combo is like getting a creature back with 10 health. Super good.


By round 4 we had both lost our front-liners. But with Prismatic Energy in the front i was feeling good since it hits 1 of their back line.


The Xenith Monk went down in 2 hits. Felt like it was just a matter of time. Prismatic Energy did 1 Reflect damage. Job well done. By the 6 round we were back to 4 creatures each. At this point still feeling real good with Centauri Mage and Return Fire the target of 2 Range creeatures


By the end of the 8th round, Centauri Mage took care of a backline creature and continued to chip away at Djinn Oshannus


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After taking down Djinn Oshannus it was just a few more rounds for the win!

| Watch the Whole Battle |

SBT Time

Thanks for the good game @duocas. I sent you 50 SBT. Not sure what SBT is, check out this post

When opening packs, always remember to have 5x the number of packs you are opening, both Alchemy & Legendary Potions... And remember to buy them with credits when DEC is spiking in price.