Splinterlands Battle of the Day January 24th 2022


@Splinterlands Battle of the Day

The Peakrider

Yodin Zaku

I rented a level 2 Yodin Zaku today for the guild brawl. Usually I only rent a level one. But I want to see how the ranged creatures were doing with Yodin at a higher level. Plus whenever I rent I always try to get the most out of them. And I will tell you that the summoner lives up to the hype. I choose this battle for the battle of the day cause I was sure I was going to lose about 3/4 the way through the battle. And who does not love a 99 mana match! Through luck only I was able to win.

The parameters for the match were Reverse Speed and Equalizer. I knew I wanted to go big and as much range as i can use. with Equalizer in effect I also knew I didn't have to worry much about health for the match. With a 99 point match it would be hard to not have at leas 1 creature with high health.

Team Breakdown

Molten Ogre - Demoralize - lowers opponents Melee
Lava Launcher - Close Range - able to attack from the first position
War Chaang - Has both Ranged and Melee so attacks from anywhere. Retaliate - fights back some times
Gargoya Devil - Flying,Close Range, Deathblow. hard to hit, attack from first position, double damage to the last standing creature. what more could you ask for.
Cornealus - Heal, Thorns - heals itself and fights back. super good card.
Flamesmith - Shatter - destroy armor

The Battle

After seeing the opponents choices i was feeling like i had a 50/50 chance. All his creatures have +5 extra armor so really relying on the Blast from Yodin.


First kill belongs to Uriel the Purifier. The triple damage is bonkers. Super good card.


By the 4th round I was feeling ok with the math. They still had a lot of health with armor. @ Scavengers in the lineup was also smart. But I was hitting 2 creatures at once. still too soon to tell


At this poitn i was sure i was going to lose. All they had to do was kill Gargoya Devil and I would not be able to attack anymore


But since hit Ranged creatures were focusing on my back line, Gargoya stayed alive and I was able to squeak a win out!


| Watch the Whole Battle |

SBT Time

Thanks for the good game @whyohy. I sent you 50 SBT. Not sure what SBT is, check out this post

When opening packs, always remember to have 5x the number of packs you are opening, both Alchemy & Legendary Potions... And remember to buy them with credits when DEC is spiking in price.