Enabling The Greatest Strength Of Legionnaire Alvar | Modern Silver Strategy

Authored by @Kxlm

Enabling The Greatest Strength Of Legionnaire Alvar

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In this post I am going to reveal an amazing strategy that I have been utilizing lately, that takes advantage of Legionnaire Alvar's greatest strength.

Legionnaire Alvar.PNG

"But, what is his greatest strength"? You may ask...

Void Armor of course!

But, not just void armor... Armor in general! Legionnaire Alvar boasts the highest armor pool of any tank in the entire game. This, coupled with the void armor ability, on top of being a Neutral monster; makes for some spicy antics when we introduce another ability to supplement his existing strengths.

Enter "Resurrect"

Now, in case you were not aware, when resurrect triggers, the monster that is brought back to life is resurrected with 1 health, BUT also gains back all of its armor! See where this is going?

Void Armor + Resurrect, effectively gives Legionnaire Alvar the capability to survive (at minimum) two full rounds of enemy onslaught, which buys his backline enough time to carve through two or three opposing monsters, before they are able to take him down for good.


As with every strategy, there are vulnerabilities that must be taken into consideration, before deploying. For maximum effectiveness, we need to ensure that the enemy is focusing all (or majority) of its attention on Legionnaire Alvar. Since he does not have the "Taunt" ability, this strategy is best implemented when - either your opponent does not appear to utilize any sneak/snipe attacks in previous battles - OR more reliably, when the ruleset "Fog of War" is in effect.

There is one caveat with "Opportunity" where the "Fog of War" ruleset will not save our backline, but in my experience a lot of players (in Silver at least) tend to overlook this ability.


So, what lineup would I recommend for this strategy? Focusing on Modern Format - Silver League: Results can be achieved with either the Earth, Life (HUGE resurrects) or Water Splinters, but my preferred Splinter is Water. Kelya Frendul specifically.

Our minimum requirements to pull off this strategy with the Water Splinter are Legionnaire Alvar (of course) + River Hellondale; providing that delicious resurrect, as well as the "Inspire" for the added +1 melee attack (if you happen to have him at level 2). I also like to add a sprinkling of Venari Wavesmith for the added armor from "Protect".

Here is an example of just how well this strategy performs:

Battle Begin.PNG

My opponent opts for a full-on frontal barrage, with the Sand Worm posing a threat to my backline. Thankfully, we have the armor from both Kelya and Wavesmith to absorb at least one of those devastating sneak attacks.

Battle 2.PNG

It takes my opponent one full round to take down my Legionnaire Alvar, at which point I have already disposed of his Chain Golem and softened up his Cthulhu for the next round. My Axemaster also absorbed a sneak attack from his Sandworm, thanks to the bonus armor.

Battle 3.PNG

And then... the MAGIC happens! Legionnaire Alvar is resurrected and returns with both his base armor, as well as the bonus armor from Kelya and Wavesmith, giving him 12 effective HP in total.

Battle 4.PNG

Legionnaire Alvar falls again in round 4, but it is "too little too late" for my opponent. My remaining monsters proceed to sweep up the the left overs and the rest is history!


This concludes my Legionnaire Alvar strategy. I trust you found this post helpful and I hope it has sparked some ideas on how you can better utilize this monsters strengths to your advantage

Until next time...



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