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It's been awhile since my last sharing of battle replays, reason was I can't find suitable method to edit my replays as I wanted. This week I tried using a different method to share 1 battle of Desert Dragon and explain some thoughts about this card.

When Desert Dragon first come out in Chaos Legion Splinterlands game, everyone wasn't using it much. Hovering around 4.50 usd per bcx for a Legendary card when first released also not attractive to buy a max copy for me. Stats of attack of 4 and a health of 6 was nice, but speed 2 and shield 3 made less attractive for me as compared to other dragon in game. It ability, only trample at lvl 1, also not great unless it's max level. Max lvel will have piercing , retaliate and giant killer. And it only cost 7 mana, so its a cheap card not worth using during that time.

But as saying go, "Don't judge a book by it cover." Desert Dragon may look like a joke, but it can be a crazy card in right ruling and conditions.

High mana cost of 7 and above are usually used on popular card ( expensive card) like phantom of abyss (10) , Kron the undying (10) , dark Ha on (10) or even Chaos dragon (14). It may seem like a disadvantage, but it actually a big advantage. When you prepare your team, every mana point count. And Desert Dragon 7 mana cost mean you can put it in your deck along with your other lower mana to mid powerful cards. As changes in rule set and mana were introdued during Riftwatchers, more high mana battles are seen.

In conclusion, Desert Dragon may seem like a joke to me at first, but it can be a fun card if certain rules or conditions were met. I reminded myself next time if tempted to write off a card as cheap and useless, I should remember to think twice and consider the potential before making a judgment. Because you never know what hidden strengths a card may have until you give it a chance. And who knows? You might just make Desert Dragon a regular starting card in your team (maybe).

I left a link to the battle at below as I have not found method to edit video
.Note: ( plays better with effect in instagram)


INstagram Link

I only play the game and all views expressed are my personal view

All the images in this article are credited to , Cover image , lineup an gif made in . Edit image tool using Lunapic. Ideal combat rule and lineup research from , Video edit from


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