Ice Pixie fanart for Splinterlands Art Contest


Hello, hivers!
Finally I am back again with art contest participation. My baby-girl is growing and I have more free time. And here in Italy though I have no art materials except for tablet, but I reached the artshop which is a school stationary shop in our small town, and bought sketchbook and gelpen, even liners of yellow and green colours (since these where the only colours left).
But I am absolutely happy with all my new materials since I am drawing again.
So this time I chose the magic character which I use very often in the game and made a sketch of her in comic style. The most important for me was to train anatomy and make a true pose.

After I added some stones for a background and made lineart. Of course, it's more about ice all around in the original art, but stones look better in my art.

After I made a photo and transformed lineart to digital. Since it's a comic sketch style I didn't improve lines and left them in a special mode, covering the picture.
Here I made basic colouring.
And after added special effects, more lights, some reflexes and magic background to have the result published as the first one.

Thank you very much for your attention!
Wish you luck!


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