How to Play Water Magic Deck for Beginners (Splinterlands)


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So in my last guide, I showed you how to climb to Silver rank using a very effective EARTH deck. Today I will be showing you another popular deck that you see quite often in Silver to Gold ranks, which is the Water Magic deck.

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So the purpose of this deck is to get as much magic damage as possible, magic damage is very effective because it's hard to counter in the early game simply because there aren't many cards that can counter magic damage. Also, magic damage ignores shield and goes straight for the enemy's health which is very effective against tanky monsters with shields.

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Two viable summoner options are "Alric Stormbringer" and "Valamor". It's pretty self-explanatory, these cards offer additional +1 damage to all your magic monsters and Valamor will give you additional speed and health which will really come in handy during a high mana cap match situation.

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The main strategy is quite simple, you will be using a different combination of all the water magic cards depending on the match conditions. You can take advantage of the starter cards "Ice Pixie" and "Medusa" when you're first starting out.

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Ruler of the Seas and Phantom of the Abyss are good legendary options to add if you want to get serious with it. +1 Magic with extra blast ability on "Ruler of the Seas" makes for a deadly combination. Phantom of the Abyss is a solid tank option when you're playing a high mana cap match.

Basically any neutral cards with magic attacks are also a solid option if you don't have any water magic cards, that's the beautiful thing about this team composition, it allows for great flexibility and your overall strategy doesn't change regardless of what the match conditions are.

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You can use any traditional tanks up in the front line to soak up all the damage for your team. "Prismatic Energy" and "Lobstradamaus" are high Mana/high HP magic cards that will serve well for this purpose and they also syngyze with the rest of the team.

Also don't sleep on low mana cost options such as "furious chicken", "Albatross" and "Creeping ooze" as these cards are extremely effective on a low mana cap match, sometimes soaking up that extra initial damage with these cards can be the difference maker in you winning or losing the match.

That's pretty much it for this guide, I will have a video guide out later today as well as showing you some gameplay so that you can see how effective this team composition truly is.