LastCzar Log 36


Hi Everyone,

The last few days have been crazy I have been on crazy losing and winning streak and feels like I'm slowly increasing my rating, I hope I can increase my wining streak to get to Bronze 3 rewards.

5/17 The Daily Task was Sneak Power, I like the variety this task provides as so many "base" characters have this power. My reward was Alchemy Potion

5/18 The Daily Task was to use Fire Splinter, it is my favorite Splinter to fight in lower Bronze leagues because I tend to magic heavy teams. My reward was 2 credits due to still being low rating

5/19 The Daily Task was Death Splinter I rolled the dice and got Earth Splinter instead, I decided to be little cheesy and rented Mylor Crowling to provide Thorns to all friendly monster it was a mixed results but got it done. My reward was 10 credits

5/20 The Daily Task was Life Spinter I rolled the dice and got Death Splinter the game must have punished me for skipping it on 5/19. This is where I struggled to get it done I started in Bronze 1 league and by time I finished I lost my ranking in it if anyone has thoughts on good Death teams to run in Bronze let me know. My prize was Gargoya Devil


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