Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 182// #5 River Nymph x Jennie


river nymp final.png

Here we go again, for my 5th art work for splinterlands I up my game a little. I 'm learning a lot from everybody's entry in Splinterlands Art Contest and my group Gurujav Hive Group. this are the transformation of my skill from my day 1 to present.

past project.png

I'll do my best to get better everyday and I'm very motivated doing this stuff.

For my art this week i made a River Nymph and my inspiration is Jennie of Blackpink. I plan on doing an Skeleton Assassin but I've watch a video and she sparks on my eyes. I said to myself "hey I need to make her an art".

New Project (6).png

Join me on the process of doing it.

river nymp1.png

First i need to sketch the physique, took me some time to create the perfect position she'll started with. I tweak the physique over time like the size of her arm and shape of her back.

river nymp2.png

This one want to make her hair wavy since I'll put her under the water at the end. Not visually good at this moment but it will when i put some color in it.

river nymp3.png

Now I finish the shapes of the hair not that hard just be imaginative. I also thickens the hair. Never mind the overlapping lines it will be cover when i put some color in it. I also left the eye out at the moment cause I want to put some time doing it. Yeah i want the eye to be perfect cause thats the star of this art.

river nymp4.png

I put now colors and of course i cant stop looking at Jennie, its like painting a very beautiful girl. There's still some line visible I corrected it at the next image.

river nymp5.png

Now here we are at making the eye. I want it dazzling and mesmerising.

river nymp6.png

I tried making the eye but i cant make it right yet, thats why I decided to created the nose and mouth. Making a nose is a challenge cause I want it elegant and perfect. About the mouth I wanted it to be red rose but Water Nymph will not make me.

river nymp7.png

After creating the nose and mouth I easily created the eyes. Plain black pupil is boring thats why I created it in the touch of blue/ocean.

river nymp8.png

Coloring the nose is hard, already told it previously but I saw some art in facebook and decided to create one myself. I tweak it a bit later also.

river nymp9.png

On this one I put some shadows. I also put some blush but also cant be done in red. I hope you can spot it. Make her more elegant, I plan on getting some glitter effect but she's not a kid so I decided not.

river nymp10.png

I put some highlight and shine on this one, she's getting more beautiful every step i made. I'll put the tiara at the end.

river nymp12.png

Putted some clothes she might be feeling cold since at this moment I'm making her for at least 6 hours already. Also i made her a little skinnier. Don't be sad because i reduce the size of her breast. It just don't feel right when jenny have a bigger size.

river nymp13.png

Noting much special in here, I just put some shine in her breast. I just feel i need to highlight this part.

river nymp14.png

I gave her tiara now so she wont be sad. Just the unfinished tiara at the moment.

river nymp15.png

I made her a better tiara now with a shiny stone in it. Put her under the water now. The bubbles and jellyfish just got from my save PNG file.

river nymp final.png

And this is the finish product. Don't be mesmerise by her or you'll regret it.

Lore: River Nymphs inhabit the rivers of the Splinterlands. Shy and reclusive, they usually remain hidden beneath the water's surface. However, they have a strong respect for life, and they have been known to aid those in need. They are also fiercely protective of their homes and will defend it if it is threatened.
The young mage slung spell after spell at the five eldritch creatures advancing toward him out of the forest. However, his magics had no effect. The beasts stalked toward him. He staggered backward until his sandals splashed into the shallows of the river flowing behind him. They had him surrounded. The things crouched, ready to leap and tear him to pieces.

Energy surged through the young mage. His fatigue vanished, and his eyes widened in surprise. He moved with an unnatural swiftness as he whirled his arms and cast his spells, and this time, they tore into the eldritch creatures, leaving bloody gashes.

Two of the creatures fell dead. A third charged him, and he blasted it full in the face. It collapsed. But the young mage was unbalanced, and the last two leaped at him. No time to react.

A burst of water magic exploded from somewhere behind him and slammed into the two creatures in succession. They let out a shriek, nightmarish skin smoking. Then they, too, fell and died.

The young mage whirled. Behind him, a slender woman with flawless blue-green skin, pointed ears, and luxurious dark-blue hair stood in the river. The water flowed around her slim waist, and her fingertips traced circles in the current. Her features were elegant and graceful. A magical fae, born of the river, he though in awe. She was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen.

She shot him a crooked grin, winked, and vanished beneath the water's surface.

Visit my behance page: https://www.behance.net/memer


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