Dragon Deck – Together for all!

The dragon deck has a unique feature.
With it, you can play with more card options,if you use a dragon summer you can choose one more deck and use his cards,making it a deck with many combination possibilities its Summoners are.

Delwyn Dragonscale – (5 mana) plus one magic damage.

Brighton Bloom – (4 mana) ability to fly.

Neb Seni – (4 mana) one more speed.

Drake of Arnak – (4 mana) one more shield.

Kretch Tallevor – (2 mana) no effect.

Daria Dragonscale – (5 mana) one more melee
e damage.

Capturar 1.PNG

Selenia Sky – (3 mana) one more ranged damage.

Camila Sungazer – (3 mana) minus one melee damage to the opponent.

Quix the Devious – (4 mana ) minus one of ranged damage and minus one of speed for the opponent.

Prince Julian – (2 mana) no effect.

Byzantine Kitty – (7 mana) plus two speed, heals first place and grants hit.

Archmage Arius – (5 mana) the card plus one for melee, ranged, and magic damagedamage.

Capturar 2.PNG

In addition to the fire, water, life, death and earth decks you still have the neutral cards to create your combinations.

Below are some fights using the deck to exemplify how you can be gathering the best cards from other decks.

luta d1.PNG

luta d2.PNG

luta d3.PNG

luta d4.PNG

With this deck you can be very creative creating a combination that makes the most of the game.

So, as you can see, it's a deck that you can adapt to the conditions of the match and still counter your opponent by watching your last fights.

Here are some tips for cards with very strong abilities in my opinion that can give you an advantage.

Dhampir Infiltrator – (4 mana) The card has double strike, sneak and cripple.

Naga Assassin – (2mana) The card has backfire, and is good to use in the last position.

Djinn Chwala – (8 mana) Ta tanker card that deals a lot of damage and has the thorn ability that gives you an advantage against mele.

Manticore – (4 mana) The card attacks from the second position and as it has thorn and a great second the tank
against mele.

The Vigilator – (9 mana) The card has two different damages, it attacks twice, it poisons, and it even has spikes which are good to use last against melee.

Void Dragon – (5 mana) The card has the magic defense, flying, and five speeds that help in dodging.

Robo-Dragon Knight – (11 mana) The card with magic defense, divine shield, piercing, and level three still has return fire which is good against ranged damage

Chaos Dragon - (14 mana) The card attacks a random target and has an explosion that does a lot of damage.

I hope you learned a little about this deck that can be very useful to move up in the league.

It's good to know a little about each deck to make it easier to play as we see in the game!

I wish everyone success!

To the next!

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