Rifttwhathers - The new summoners

Rifttwhathers - The new summoners

The new mini-collection has arrived at splinterlands, the Riftwatcher collection, with six new epic summoners.

I'll introduce each of the new Summoners, and give you some combo tips, in my opinion.

Dallan (4 mana) - The death summoner grants the cripple skill that takes one hp when hitting the enemy, even if he has a shield.

It's good against cards that heal, as it takes away the target's maximum health, which makes it easier to kill them.

s d.PNG

Aquatus (4 mana) - The water summoner that grants the ability to backfire, is a card that combos very well with high speed cards like : Djinn Oshannus, The Kraken, Phantom of the Abyss, Diemonshark, and Supply Runne.

s a.PNG

Sthispa (4 mana) - The dragon summoner grants the phase ability that gives the possibility to dodge magic damage.

Combo well with cards like : Coeurl Lurker, Almo Cambio, Hydra,Djinn Chwala, and Dragon Spirit.


Skargore (4 mana) - The fire summoner grants me an enrage skill that increases damage and speed

Combo well with cards like : Coeurl Lurker, Almo Cambio, and Hydra.


Ilthain (4 mana) - The life summoner grants the return fire ability and gives one more speed.

Combo well with cards like : Lord Arianthus, Pelacor Conjurer,
Silvershield Paladin.


Fernheart (4 mana) - Earth summoner that grants close range ability and gives one more health

And a card that can be combo with any ranged card


I hope you learned a little and helped you move up the league.

I wish everyone success!

To the next!

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Images: @splinterlands

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