Splinterlands Art Contest - Week 205/ Time Mage


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It's another week and this is my submission to the splinterlands art contest, I chose a life card again and this time, I recreated the Time Mage. First of all, the lore is so interesting and reminds me of Dr Strange, yesss, I love him so much...

Time Mages are members of the Order of the Silver Shield and close associates of the Wizards' Council.

Time mages peer through time and reality to tell the future, they also have the ability to manipulate time by slowing it down. They undergo lots of training so as not to abuse their powers... Interesting!!!!

time mage.png
For this piece, I looked through lots of references, coming up with ones version isn't always easy because it won't be cool to draw exactly what's on the splinterlands card....
After I got my ideas together, I began with a sketch

My sketch looks way better this time because I changed some brushes, when I was done with it I went in with the skin, clothes and parts of her hair, the details here were less since I was just beginning....

I then painted her facial features, I retained the eye colour from the original art, for some reason I was comfortable with the black and white dress at this point and I added details with the different brushes I could lay hands on. I added the gold iron armour at the top part of her dress and her hand, more hair details too....

Painting the clock was quite interesting since I've never done it before, it's cool to try out new things, this is the reason why chose this card😅. I also painted her head piece, she has one in the original and it looks really cool.... Also, writing the roman numerals was quite tricky since I had to write some in an inverted way, it was fun though. Since she works with time, I had to attach another clock to her head piece, exactly how it is in the original....

Here, I painted the light and darker highlights to her skin and added a bit of colour to her cheek and clothes, I guess I wasn't satisfied with the black and white anymore🤷 I also figured out what I wanted for the background, painted a mandala and used a radial blur on it, I was cool with it....

This is the final Image with everything in place, I hope you love it as much as I do...
time mage.png

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beautiful job dear, that dress almost looks like a galaxy good job