Splinterlands Art Contest - Truth Speaker ✝️

Hello hive family, hope your thursdayis going as amazing as possible.....

It's another round of the splinterlands art contest and for this week I chose a life card, The Truth Speaker.

The truth speakers are warriors of prayer, communication is their main strength and they have the ability to speak in every tongue through prayers...

Most strange is their ability to speak in tongues, which communicates directly with the Angel Realm. When used in battle, this skill calls down a smiting light from heaven. Though quite uncontrollable, the Angel’s Light is extremely destructive.


I've never made an art that revolves around religion so I decided to try painting a nun. This is the most important thing that inspired me to make this, also their dressing most especially is very unique....


I made a sketch first to guide me before the painting begins proper, its just putting down my idea. I also painted the base colour for skin and veil....


I went ahead and painted her upper clothing in turtleneck style because nuns are always well clothed and covered. I used white and a very light yellow for the clothing before painting the facial features, I really love using blue for eyes, it's cute.....

The original art has a little bit of purple and gold so I just had to add it somewhere. I added more designs and details to her dress and painted the cross and rosary. The cross ✝️ is a Christian symbol while the rosary is a string of beads used to count prayers.

There's also a cross on her forehead, I thought that'll be cool so I added it. Adding more details to the veil was quite hard, I spent so much time on it as I've never done anything like it before. Picking the shades for it was quite easy, I also added some cool rough speckles because I didn't want the veil to look plain. I then painted the highlights on her skin, it's looks niceeee, I also added a purple glow on her face and around her....
I worked on the background with some cool brushes I found and also painted a cross and a little church behind...

Original art ____________________ Mine
I hope you like this one....

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I didn't know that truth speaker is a nun. 😊
This reminds me of acolyte characters on a game I played years ago.

The cross ✝️ is a Christian symbol while the rosary is a string of beads used to count prayers.

By the way, this is specifically Catholic and a lot of others who also call themselves Christians don't use it. I don't want to start a debate or anything. I just wanted to clarify things for those who do not know about it. 🙂

Great job.
Keep it up.



Haha, I don't know if they are nuns, my recreation is🤗....Yeah you're right, it's mostly Catholic, I forgot to mention that. Thanks a lot