VENARI SCOUT FAN ART ! The Venari Scout watched the trail from the shadows of the forest. She watched, and she waited.

Hello Splinterlands family, have you guys played Splinterlands today?

Has been a while since i have posted a fan art, this week i was feeling in the vibe to draw again because for me draw is a relaxing time, a moment that i set a song to play and let my mind flow trough the traces.

For this post i drew the Venari Scout, a Earth Splinter monster from Chaos Legion set, very suitable in the game, i do like to play with him also.

venari scount thumb.png

bg source

Splinterlands - Chaos mark.png


Venari Scout.png

Venari Scouts are stealthy, silent, and dangerous. They are often dispatched alone or in small groups to spy, assassinate, or sabotage.
The Venari Scout watched the trail from the shadows of the forest. She watched, and she waited.
She stood motionless as travelers on horseback, on foot, and riding wagons passed by. The hours marched on, and still she did not move.
The sun reached the zenith of its ascent and fell toward the western sky. Still, she did not move.
Then, finally, as the shadows grew long and day became dusk, a horse-drawn carriage came trundling down the trail. Armored men and women, also on horses, surrounded it. Knights of the Silver Shield.
As it drew alongside her, the Venari Scout whistled sharply, and the earth surrounding the trail and the little caravan exploded. Sheets and tarps covered in dirt and underbrush slid from the shoulders of the other Venari Scouts who had lain hidden beneath them in wait. They rushed toward the troop of knights.
So too did the scout who had signaled them. She ran past the mounted knights, who were slashing blindly at their attackers while their horses whinnied and reared up in fear. She yanked the door of the carriage open, and slid inside to find a dapper youth dressed in royal garments cowering against the opposite door.
The Venari Scout drew her dagger. The young man let out a scream that was drowned out by the sounds of combat outside.
Another contract fulfilled.


Splinterlands - Chaos mark.png


Software: CorelDraw 2022
Tools: Mouse
Drawing time: 5 hours

As i said in the intro, i like to draw when i'm feeling kind stressed, and i use my drawns as a scape valve and this week i'm on this mood. Life is hard as they say, and then it gets harder. When those things happen i try to focus in what i'm good and what i like to do.

So, first thing i do is to listen to a song.


I do like to listen this Lofi bot in discord, he always play relaxing songs that i think its good to focus and also relax, at least for me.

So the second step starts at the CorelDraw, as many of you already know i do my draws using manual tools to contour the shape, looks like a real mess if you don't look with the layers eyes hahaha.

I first start from the top, by the ears and the cape.

After that, i keep my draw at other face aspects like eyes and forehead jewelery.

Those steps is necessary in order to start coloring the draw, i do it all manually and i do that because its party of the style of draw that i use.

Coloring really demands time, in this draw i have used the gradient coloring style to enhance the draw.


Those was some frames from the steps that i use in my draws, i hope you like my technics.

Splinterlands - Chaos mark.png


I hope you guys like that drawn and remember to be always positive, when the time seems to close the doors you always can look inside of yourself to find the keys.


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