Diemonshark might be a Beast!


First, I need to say that I still am very skeptical about the shark, since I´ve been kinda hating him from the start, but he is starting to win my heart!

I stuggle to choose him over Oshannus or Wavebrood or other high mana monsters, since water has sooooo many nice options. Even Torhilo would be favored by me usually and I only have him on lvl 1.

So lets get to the point: The EPIC Battle

NOW: Its just one game, so it can´t account for all the variety in Splinterlands in terms of Game modes. AND it favors the shark extremely, since its the trample game mode AND the opponent has lower leveled cards, BUT I still think it shows the potential this card can have!

And its just EPIC too see it played out.


It is very weak against any type of magic, but that goes for a lot of cards, eg: The Forgotten One and he is amazing.

Honestly I still am more on the side that he isn´t that good, BUT godammit he is FUN AF.


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