Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 176// Baby Unicorn


I Feel very excited to join the Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 176.
This is my first ever but not the last art that I & my wife do.
Well without further explanation on my feeling let me show you my drawing.

This week, I will be drawing the Baby Unicorn.
As this my first ever drawing after my school day, so the outline was actually inspire from internet image.


As beginning, I use Paint Apps in window to complete the colouring.


After finishing the body colour, some colouring has been add to show the shadow


And then colouring of the background
Finally I have add 2 bollon to the unicorn feeling it should be able to fly using the ballon.
Childhood dream with baby unicorn, I think I should add 2 wings instead of the ballon right?
However I feel that ballon was more cute than wing as the wing right? (Yeah, I know I'm not good in drawing)
And the final result was as following:-


Give me a like if you wish to see unicorn with wing in my next drawing where I will try my to come out the content.

Until next time Splinter, Cheer and have a good week!