Splinterlands: New Year Redemption Explosion

Authored by @LennnPH

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I hope you all are enjoying the last few days of the year 2021. After all, there's only about 3 days left before the new year comes. And that is why, today's post is going to be all about starting the new year with a BANG! Fireworks! Explosions! What better way can we represent it than using REDEMPTION! I present to you...


Side Note:
Hey guys! I started streaming just recently. And this is one of the first Gimmick/Strat that I played live on stream. I plan to do more fun and/or educational stuff like this moving forward so be sure to catch me when I go live! I will include a link to my channel at the end of this post! See you!

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So the main point of this team is to use as much Redemption monsters to deal damage to the opponent team. And since redemption only does 1 damage to the opponent's monsters, our team will be needing sufficient support for it to be successful, preferably debuffs since we will be rocking with the new Chaos Legion Death Summoner, Thaddius Brood!

The cards that we would need are monsters that could lower the opponent's HPs so that the Redemption damage could possibly and hopefully wipe the whole opponent's team out, or even at least half their team. Rust ability is also crucial so to prevent armor from protecting the opponent's monster's HP from the Redemption blast.

Also take note that this team and line up was used in Gold League. There are a few more cards that could definitely be beneficial to our goal but sadly, the abilities that we need can only be used in Diamond League and up. I will be explaining this later on.


Summoner: Thaddius Brood


The moment that the new Chaos Legion cards were released, this card was really the one that caught my eye. Right off the bat, I knew that this summoner has loads of potential most especially that he is under the Death Splinter. That is why he is the first summoner that I will be featuring!

Thaddius's role as the summoner on this team is very crucial. This card reduces each of the enemy team's HP by 1 which is exactly what we need to make this gimmick successful.

Cursed Slimeball


This monster is the main star of this show. And this guy has the most important role for this team to be successful: DIE.

This is where the fireworks come in. Once this green booger dies, it explodes and deals damage to the whole enemy team. Combined with all the HP reductions from the other members of this team, that damage alone has the potential to wipe out the whole enemy team.

But you can't really celebrate the new year with only one firework, amiright?

Halfling Alchemist


If one explosion isn't enough, we have this guy to explode next. Same with the Cursed Slimeball, this guy's job is also to explode right in the enemy team's face and possibly clean up the remaining monsters that has survived the first blast. Besides the Redemption, this guy also has the ability Halving, which in some cases, provides good utility by lowering the enemy damage. (If he could live to do an attack, that is.)

Undead Priest


Here is where more debuffs come into play. This mummy reduces the opponent's HP by 1 point with his Weaken ability. On top of Thaddius' HP reduction, this gives a total of 2 HP reduced on the opponent's end. Aside from the Weaken ability, this guy also reduces the enemy team's speed, and since our main stars of the show are pretty slow themselves, the Undead Priest's Slow gives them the opportunity to hit the enemy first before they sacrifice their lives for a big boom.



How's about we throw in a Legendary card in there why not? This big boy fits perfectly on this team since he also has Weaken! We now have a total of 3 HP reduced from the enemy team thanks to this bad boy. This card also has Cripple! If ever someone survives the 2 explosions, this guy can further reduce the survivor's HP after it hits his 3 magic damage. (Granted that the card survives the hit, that is.)

This Octopus-Bat-Worm dude can also serve as a tank after our Redemption guys explode. So in the case that the explosions don't wipe out the opposing team, the rest of our team won't get picked off quick.



Imagine being a child and your parents tell you to behave or else the Boogeyman will take you while you sleep. Now you can harness the power of this creepy monster to win against your opponents. This guy has the Rust ability which removes any potential armor on the opponent's side. This removes the little protection that the enemy has left from our Redemption explosions, making it easier for us to wipe them all off with a few booms.

So these are the six key cards in Gold League that we will need to make this gimmick successful. There are a lot of other cards that we can use to further support this team comp, but before I show you the other cards that we could use, lemme present to you some matches where this team comp popped off.

11234match analysis.png

To be fair, we weren't able to find a perfect match-up where the two Redemption blast completely wiped out the enemy team. (Sad)

But I do have not one, not two, but THREE (3) sample matches where I was completely satisfied on how the team worked out and where the Redemption blasts wiped out half or more monsters on the opponent's side of the field.

Thaddius Brood vs. Qid Yuff

24 Mana Cap: Spreading Fury + Lost Legendaries
Watch Battle Here: Thaddius Brood vs Qid Yuff

On this match, we are lucky to go against a team with low HP cards at the back. The Boogeyman did his job and removed the armor from the Uraeus. The combination of Thaddius and the Undead Priest has reduced the opponent's HP by a total of 2 points, putting most of the opponent's cards in range to die with two Redemption blasts. Due to high speed, the Flame Imp and Fire Elemental immediately takes out our Cursed Slimeball and the Redemption takes out half of the opponent's team right off the bat. The Cerberus then finishes off the Halfling Alchemist and the second Redemption procs and takes out the Uraeus thanks to his armor being taken off by the Boogeyman. This leaves the Cerberus and the Tortisian Chief to fend off against our team. Unfortunately for our opponent, our team outpowers them and finishes the job.

Thaddius Brood vs. Pyre

48 Mana Cap: Spreading Fury + Little League
Watch Battle Here: Thaddius Brood vs Pyre

We now have a match under Little League, where this team really pops off. As you can see, most low mana cards don't have much HP on them, which makes it easier for us to pick off the opponent's monsters with Redemption. Sadly we are unable to use Boogeyman and Cthulhu on this match since they have high mana requirement.

The opponent Spark Pixies and Serpentine Spy was able to make quick work of our Cursed Slimeball. But before the Slimeball went down, it was able to chip off 1 armor from the Antoid Platoon thanks to the Enrage. Redemption then procs and obliterates half of the enemy team, leaving only the Antoid Platoon, the Kobold Miner, and the Uraeus (Thanks to his 1 armor). The enemy team was then able to pick off our Haunted Spider thanks to the two sneak monsters that were boosted by the Enrage. Our Haunted Priest and Twisted Jester were able to finish off the Antoid Platoon and Uraeus. The opponent's Kobold Miner was the only card left but sadly took himself out after he finished off the Halfling Alchemist.

Thaddius Brood vs. Malric Inferno

29 Mana Cap: Unprotected + Close Range
Watch Battle Here: Thaddius Brood vs. Malric Inferno

Yet another Fire Summoner, Malric Inferno. This time around, our opponent has a few cards that has high HP. But we also have some fire power on our side with Cthulhu and the Ancient Lich! The combined debuffs coming from Thaddius, Cthulhu, and Undead Priest lowers the enemy team's HP by a whopping 3 points each! That basically has cut the Serpentine Soldier's HP by half! Due to the Exploding Dwarf's super high speed, it immediately picked off the Cursed Slimeball. And thanks to his Blast ability, he took out the Halfling Alchemist at the back as well! Two birds in one stone! However, it's also a double Redemption blast which takes out four out of the six enemy monsters. Good trade, isn't it? This has left the Serpentine Soldier and the Fineas Rage due to them being naturally tanky. But the remaining members of our team made quick work of the two, the Cthulhu even stunned Fineas Rage, preventing it from dealing any damage.

GGs to our Opponents!



The most notable card that I've used along with this team is the Undead Archer. This card has both Affliction and Shatter which both very beneficial to our strat. The Shatter ability gets rid of any remaining armor that the Boogeyman's rust cannot get rid of. And the Affliction ability prevents the enemy's tank from recovering HP before the Redemptions trigger. Granted that this card is 1 point faster than the Halfling Alchemist and speed ties with the Cursed Slimeball guarantees that this card hits first (Ranged hits before Melee), giving the this card's abilities a chance to trigger.


(Diamond+ only) Death Elemental is another Death Splinter card that has the Weaken ability which would definitely serve a good purpose to the team by further lowering the enemy team's HP on top of the previous cards discussed.


(Diamond+ only) How cool would it be for our Cursed Slimeball to explode, get resurrected, and explode again. This is what the Ancient Lich can do in higher leagues since this card has access to Resurrect. More Fireworks!


(Diamond+ only) Chaos Legion has introduced to us a lot of new and interesting cards such as the Summoner, Thaddius Brood. Another one of those interesting cards is the Life Sapper. This card has access to Redemption in higher leagues, but it also has Life Leech. This guy can serve as a good tank once it gathers up enough HP, and explode when the enemy team even manages to take it down.


(Diamond+ only) There's another neutral card that has Redemption, and it's the Venari Spellsmith. This card also has the Amplify ability which is super fun to play with on damage reflect strats.


(Diamond+ only) This is one of the best cards in the game in my opinion. The combination of Dr. Blight's abilities prove it to be a very powerful low mana card. The Weaken ability is very beneficial to our team. But this card has more to it than just that. The combination of Camouflage and Scavenger is what makes this card OP. With the Camouflage ability, Dr. Blight is guaranteed to outlast your whole team since the enemy team will not be hitting him as long as he is in the back line. While hiding from the back, the Scavenger ability triggers every time an enemy (or a teammate) dies. This gives the Doctor time to gather enough HP to tank some damages in the case that his whole team dies. Since our team is centered around sacrificing our front line cards, Dr. Blight's Scavenger is guaranteed to proc and give him enough HP to bring CHAOS to the enemy.

11234 Conclusion.png

This team is super fun to use. However, be very cautious on using this strat since it's kinda trippy. You are gonna need good supporting cards just in case the two Redemption blasts don't get the job done. This strat is really good under Little League ruleset since low mana cards usually don't have that much HP, the only downside is that you won't be able to use Cthulhu or the Boogeyman. Do try to avoid using this strat when there is high mana cap where the opponent can use high HP monsters.

If you are planning to use this team strat, be sure to rent some other Death Splinter staples, since these cards alone surely will not give you a high win streak. I definitely rented a lot more cards than just these few, I was able to reach 330k CP with all my rentals. And that is only one Splinter!

I used this team live on stream and was able to reach Diamond 3 only a few hours after I livestreamed the gameplay and I'm so happy to reach this rank before the year ends!



If you want to catch me play more of these types of gimmicks/strats, please do follow me on Twitch where I recently started streaming! I would really really appreciate the support! <3

Follow me on Twitch!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I look forward to making more of these types of content moving forward. Let us all celebrate the new year with a BANG!

Maraming Salamat at Maligayang Bagong Taon!


PS: I wasn't able to come up with a witty meme for this team so here's an edited picture of Thaddius Brood with tons of Cursed Slimeballs LMAO.

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