My Investment Plan in Splinterlands As a Beginner - Best Way to Get More SPS



Like most people, I stumble upon Splinterlands when I got in the whole Play2Earn craze lately. So my sole objective when playing this game is on the profitability of it (while having fun at the same time 😛). So after 2 months of confirming that this game is a good investment, I started planning my game plan (pun intended 🤣).


For total beginners, I would lead you to the articles below so you may have other players' points of view on the many ways you can earn with Splinterlands. Other than the normal way of playing to get reward chests, I will be focusing on my long-term plan of getting more Splintershards SPS, the governing token of Splinterlands.

There are 2 ways of getting SPS in Splinterlands,

  1. Staking SPS with certain APR% rewards given every day
  2. Airdrop points that are determined by your various in-game collections

So if I going to get serious in acquiring SPS, I have to ask the hard question of whether to buy & stake more SPS or invest in more in-game collections.

With that, I head out into the deep end of excel calculation and the entire ecosystem to determine whether which route is the best in ROI.


So let's explore the pros and cons of each plan

Buy SPS & Stake


  1. You could enjoy the immediate profit if there is a pump on the coin
  2. SPS could be used on multiple fronts in the game now


  1. Price of SPS is depending on the market sentiments hence the value of your investment is very volatile
  2. APR% will keep decreasing when the pool got more coin staked in it hence you will need more coin to maintain a certain reward per day
  3. Simply more expensive to start earning the same amount compared to increasing airdrop points

Invest in More cards to Increase Airdrop Points


  1. Historically, cards in Splinterlands always increase in price in the long run because of supply and demand. More people playing the game but with only a limited number of cards, price poof up. While you enjoy the inflation of the cards, you will be getting SPS airdrops at the same time. 2 birds with 1 freaking stone.
  2. More cards mean more collection power which means you will be able to compete in higher ranks. Meaning more reward chests, cards and DEC!!
  3. Cheaper to earn the same amount of rewards compare to buying & staking SPS.


  1. It's a long-term investment, not suitable for those who look to become millionaires in a short time.
  2. Worst worst worst case scenario, your card will be worth absolutely nothing if developers gave up Splinterlands and pull the rug suddenly. But the possibility is close to zero because I don't think someone (developers) will give up to become millionaires 😂

I guess you know which plan is the clear winner. So here is my plan for the next 9 months


My part-time job is still fully in investing and day-trading crypto markets hence I won't pour my entire funds into Splinterlands. The keyword is diversify. Hence I will commit in buying at least 2 gold cards & 5 rare - epic cards every month which will cost around 100 dollar per month. This by my calculation will increase my collection power by 7,000 per month. With a simple formula, I estimate that I will get at least 1700 SPS in 9 months and with my conservative prediction of SPS price will reach around 1 dollar with the land expansion, I will my investment plan will yield me 1700 dollars in 9 months with 900 dollar investment. ROI of 1.9 without factoring in the inflation of cards price and the DEC I got by playing the game. Pretty damn good for me !! While not enough for me to buy a Lambor, I will take it anytime compare to putting it in the bank.


*This is not financial advice, please be careful with your money and it's only wise to only invest the amount you are willing to lose in high-risk investment. Do your own research. Don't trust anyone other than yourself with your money.

Below are some useful links to the excel calculation and to other articles to learn how to earn with Splinterlands.

  1. SPS Rewards Calculator

If you're ready to jump into this awesome game, please use my referral link below if you think this article help you made the decision.

Love ya all. Peace.