"Rent a Card" Needs Some Transparency


These days Splinterland has become a talk of town and daily hundreds of new players are trying their luck on it. For new players, it is very useful to accure a rented card and play battle in high league. In past I also played with some rented cards but never tried to rent out my cards. When I saw my inventry, I realised that there were several cards that I have never used in any battle. So I rented out my one card on trial bases and durring this process, I realised that some transparency is needed.

rent 1.jpg

My suggestions are following

1: Price suggestion for card's rent is not upto date as For "Kraken" level 3, rent suggestion is 75 Dec but lowest rent price in Market is 110.

2: After some days If I want to adjust my rental price then no option is found.

3: On rent card window there is no option for days selection.

4: When we proceed to rent a card, a window must popup showing following details like

  • After deduction of 5% how much will I get?
  • If I cancel my card rental deal, what kind of penalty I had to face?

Rent 2.jpg

5: On my rented card page, I find two options, cancel rental and cancel rental listing. When I selet any optin a popup window should appear with following options
* Cancel rental when this rent's tenure ends.
* Cancel right now and pay this fine etc.

rent 3.jpg

Overall rent card is a great facility and Splinterland team is doing a great job. All these functions might be going on at backend but if they add all this on frontend then this will become more transparent for players. Join and Play Splinterland with my referral link.

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