3/295: 2 Tools To Improve Your DAILY SPS Earnings!


Splintercards is my new go to hub for all the latest tools and insights on how to grow my earnings.

The following 2 tools are my current favorites:

SPS Airdrop Calculator

SPS Staking Calculator

I highly recommend toying around with these bad boys a lot in the beginning to develop a game plan that works with your personal budget. As I mentioned in my last post, my investment strategy consists of investing a set amount of $USD into credits and cards every month, in addition to investing a set amount of $USD into SPS directly. These amounts are fixed for me.

Because of this strategy, I no longer feel all over the place in terms of what I should do and when. Besides, I have a full time job going on in the real world, and dinging around HIVE all day is not something I can afford doing as much as I once did if I want to remain productive at work.

What I suggest for you is to come up with YOUR game plan for how you’re going to make money. Set it up in alignment with the new seasons that occur every 15 days, then automate the process. Do the same thing until you’re ready to scale more.

Heck, I’d rather spend more time paying anyways then fiddling around with Binance and PancakeSwap, and I’m sure you would too.

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