Merdaali Guardian Chibi (Splinterlands Art Challenge #207)


Prompt Link

Hi Splinterlands community, it's been a while since I've created some Splinterlands art. My art style has always been cute/kawaii and simple, so I decided to create some Splinterlands chibis. First up is Merdaali Guardian. I've been using this card a lot lately when playing with the Water Element. While it doesn't attack, the Tank Heal ability is valuable to have. This monster has features of a sea creature, but also some cat-like features. I thought it would be a good one to turn into a chibi using Adobe Illustrator. I used a screen shot of the card for reference. Check out the illustration process below ⬇️

Face Outline 🔼

Body and dress outline 🔼 (I ended up changing the shape of the dress later).

Hands and bracelets outline 🔼 Her hands are somewhat flipper-like. Drawing hands is the biggest challenge for me.

Filling in colors 🔼

Update: I ended up changing the eyes on this chibi. I added various shapes to the eyes and did some different shading.

I wanted to add some movement/depth in the surrounding area. I also added some highlights to give the hair some depth.


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