Share Your Battle: Chaos Knight


Post Prompt

Hi Splinterlands community, this week's Share Your Battle pick was for the Magi of Chaos. I looked through my cards and realized I don't have this one, so I decided to choose another card with the word chaos in the name: The Chaos Knight. This is one of my favorites to use if I'm playing with the Life Element. You'll see below that my opponent played the Life Element as well, and half of their cards were the same as mine. I have found that this can make for an interesting game. It's always exciting to see which contrasting cards, opposed to the identical cards, can make or break your battle.

My Battle

My Battle Link

Mana Cap: 15

Card Line-up:
Summoner: I figured with a low mana cap, I probably wouldn't be using any range attack cards to need the General Sloan summoner. So, I chose Mother Khala for the +1 Life and low mana cost.

  1. Chaos Knight: I always put this one in the front because it has a strong shield number and the shield ability.
  2. Stitch Leech: I always use this one when playing with the Life Element. I like the low mana cost and Sneak Attack ability.
  3. Celestial Harpy: It's only two mana and can be wiped out in just one attack, however it does have both the Opportunity and Flying abilities, which are valuable.
  4. Chaos Agent: I chose this one because I had one mana left and it was there to absorb a hit from the opponent.

I'm glad I chose the Chaos Knight for my battle, since I'm certain it was her Shield ability that caused me to win the game. Though my opponent's Time Mage slowed my team down, my Chaos Knight still managed to evade all melee attacks from both the Blinding Reflector on the front lines and the Celestial Harpy in the background.