Share Your Battle: Lava Launcher


This week's challenge features battles with the Djinn Inferni. I looked through my cards and realized I don't have this one. I think I used to have this one and sold it, since I rarely play with the Fire Element. I wanted to keep my challenge entry consistent with the Fire Element theme, though. So I decided to make things a little more interesting for myself today by renting a good quality Riftwatchers card that I've never played with. The Lava Launcher caught my eye; it looked fun and had some great qualities. I love the Close Range ability that some of the Riftwatchers cards offer. I don't usually do well with the Fire Element, but this was my chance to actually win some battles with a high quality card.

Today's Rental ⬆️

Watch the full battle here

My Battle Line-Up:

Mana Cap: 21

Summoner: Pyre - I chose this one for the extra speed. I knew that Living Lava could certainly use it.

First: Living Lava - Gotta love the Shield ability; providing reduced damage from melee and range attacks. I pretty much always default to putting this one in the front when I'm playing with the Fire Element.

Second: Lava Launcher - I put this one in the second position for the Close Range ability. If the Living Lava were to die off, the Lava Launcher could certainly step in.

Third: Tenyii Striker - I had five mana left and thought this was the best choice. However, it's lack of shield protection made me keep it in the back. I like this card mainly for the Sneak ability and decent health.


I was certainly outnumbered, but still managed to win the battle. I think this was mainly due to the Living Lava's Shield ability. It evaded numerous attacks from at least half of the opponent cards. Having the Lava Launcher and Tenyii Striker both attacking from the back while the Living Lava protected itself turned out to be a successful strategy. While I don't usually like playing with the Fire Element, I think the Lava Launcher is a valuable card and worth the high mana cost.

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