Share Your Battle: Legionnaire Alvar


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This week's Share Your Battle Challenge features the Legionnaire Alvar, a Legendary card I don't own and have never played with. I decided to rent this card for a couple days to try it out.

My Battle:

Watch the full battle here.

My Line-up:

Mana Cap: 27

Summoner: General Sloan - If I'm using the Life Element, I'm most likely using it for the Pelacor Arbalest. Therefore, the +1 Range Attack is a must.

First: Chaos Knight - I always put this one up front when playing with the Life Element because of the armor and Shield Ability.

Second: Legionnaire Alvar - After numerous failed attempts with this card up front, I put it in the second position to see if that would be a better tactic.

Third: Pelacor Arbalest - I absolutely love the Double Strike ability. It's very powerful when you add the +1 Range Attack from General Sloan. It's low health could get it knocked out in one round. Therefore, I didn't put this one all the way in the back in case my opponent chose any cards with Opportunity or Sneak ability... and they did!

Fourth: Celestial Harpy - I had two mana left, so I chose this one. It's able to go in the back because it can still attack with the Opportunity ability. The Flying ability allows it to potentially evade the Sneak ability from the opponent.

⬆️ Both of their magic attacks cut through my Chaos Knight pretty quickly. Then my Legionnaire Alvar stepped up with it's Void Armor ability. The magic attacks had to go through the armor before attacking its health.

I was unable to figure out a good strategy with this card, and lost an embarrassing amount of battles at first. I think this is because I originally saw it as a good card to put up front. Finally, after putting it in the second position and switching to the Life Element, I won a game. I think it's a decent card to use if you have a high mana cap. I do think the Void Armor ability is what saved me from the magic attacks and contributed to my win. But it was mainly the strength of the Pelacor Arbalest, as it knocked out numerous opponents with a couple strong throws. Considering how many battles I lost with the Legionnaire Alvar, I don't think I would rent it again.

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