Share Your Battle: Nerissa Tridawn


Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge.

This week's Share Your Battle Challenge features Nerissa Tridawn. I knew instantly that I didn't have this card, but recognized the character because I've seen it on the opponent's side before. I decided to rent it for a couple days since I play with the Water Element a lot. I like this card for the health and strong magic attack, but it has a high mana cost. I found this card to be useful only when I had a high mana cap. I was able to finally win a game with Nerissa Tridawn when I had a mana cap of 24 and help from the special abilities of surrounding cards. Check out my battle below ⬇️

Watch the full battle here.

My Battle:

My Line-Up:

  • Mana Cap: 24

  • Summoner: Kelya Frendul: Half of my cards cards could use the extra shield, and speed is always great to have.

  • First: Serpent of Eld: I always default to putting this card up front because it's overall a sturdy card. It has decent armor, good health and speed. It has the Dodge Ability, which always comes in handy for dodging melee and ranged attacks.

  • Second Nerissa Tridawn: I put this one second because it didn't have armor to be put in the first position. However, it could step in if the Serpent of Eld were to die off.

  • Third Merdaali Guardian: Even though this card can't attack, I didn't put it last because it has low health and I didn't want it to get knocked out too early in case an enemy card had the Sneak Ability.

  • Fourth Hardy Stonefish: I had one mana left, so it was between this and the Albatross. Basically, I was choosing between the Flying Ability and armor. I chose the armor. I put this one in the back in case my opponent had a card with the Sneak Ability. It was basically there to absorb a hit (or two) from the opponent.


After numerous failed attempts, I finally won a game with Nerissa Tridawn. This was because I had a decent mana cap of twenty-four. I was able to surround Nerissa Tridawn with other quality cards that had special abilities. Though I was outnumbered by my opponent, Serpent of Eld, Nerissa Tridawn, and Merdaali Guardian worked together great as a team. Serpent of Eld evaded numerous attacks while Merdaali Guardian restored its health each round. Meanwhile, Nerissa Tridawn stepped in each round to cut through the shields and knock out enemy cards with her powerful magic attack. The Hardy Stonefish was basically a spectator in all of this, as it just sat there, untouched, and not able to attack from its position. I guess I could have switched the positions of the Hardy Stonefish and Merdaali Guardian, but it wouldn't have made a difference.

I think given how many battles I lost with Nerissa Tridawn, I wouldn't see the value in renting this card again. I think it's a decent card that has a strong attack and good health. For the high mana cost, though, I like to rent cards that have some sort of special ability.

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