Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge: Dragons


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⬆️ I had a hard time predicting my opponents element choice, since they were playing with a variety.

My opponent also chose the dragon summoner. I wonder if they're also doing the weekly challenge? Click here to watch the battle.

My Battle:

Mana Cap: 22

Summoner: Drake of Amak - This is the only Dragon Summoner I have.

First: Unicorn Mustang - This is a favorite to put up front when playing with the Earth Element because it's such a robust card. It has great health, speed, and melee attack. The extra shields provided by the Dragon Summoner enhanced this card as well.

Second: Goblin Psychic - I rarely play without the Goblin Psychic when I play with the Earth Element. The *Tank Heal *ability is so valuable.

Third: Goblin Thief - I had four mana left, so I chose the Goblin Thief to go in the back. It has the Sneak Attack ability, so it could still attack from the back. I think for the low mana cost, this is a valuable card.

I was a little concerned when I saw my opponent's Cursed Windeku and Life Sapper, because those are two powerful cards. Not to mention, I was outnumbered. However, with its quick speed and Void ability, my Mustang evaded a lot of attacks from my opponent's magic attacks, including those of the Life Sapper. I'm pretty sure this is the main reason I won. The extra shields from the Dragon summoner were also helpful. For the short time my Goblin Psychic lasted, its regenerating effect was very helpful for the Unicorn Mustang. Unfortunately, it was killed off by the Death Elemental's Snipe ability whose magic attack cut through extra shields provided by the Dragon Summoner.

All in all, I'm satisfied with my lineup and the outcome of this game because I won the battle. This is another great example of quality over quantity when choosing your cards for Splinterlands.

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