Excited about Soulbound Reward Cards


Hi All,

I am so so excited about the up coming soulbound reward cards and I will think it will be great for Splinterlands economy in the long run and damn the new cards are absolute beast and I want them all NOW!

Why do I think it will be good for the economy?

Firstly, bot farmers can not extract value out of Splinterlands and dump their farmed reward cards on the market after each season for pennies. The most undervalued reward card is PELACOR MERCENARY and for $5USD you can get a maxed copy. Depending on what the team wants to do, if they want to unlock the soulbound reward card after it has been maxed out for a price in DEC OR another rumour the soulbound reward card would get unlocked in 2 years time and then pay DEC to get it unlocked... Personally, I would love to see the soulbound reward card to be locked to my account for 2 years and I can pay DEC if I want to unlock it. The whole purpose of the soulbound reward is to incentives real players to play consistently and strive to get a maxed copy, same concept to gladius cards.

Don't get me wrong this won't stop bot farming, merely it would delay their payday till they have a max copy, so they can sell it on the market or depending on what the #splinterlands want to do. This brings me to my 2nd point, but has some links to the economy, but how excited were we to open a DJINN OSHANNUS in a reward's chest before that card was flooded on the market? You used to be a baller if you own one, and now it's $26 USD for a max copy. I want that feeling again getting excited about opening my daily chest and EOS rewards, currently I am looking forward to how may SPS I get, so I can stake.

And thirdly, there wouldn't be any opportunity for bot farmers to burn reward cards for DEC. For example Pelacor Deceiver is out of print with 8 million max supply and 321,803 being burnt, which means 1.6 million extra DEC being printed.

Thanks to splintercards for supplying the stats PRINTING AND DISTRIBUTION DATA I encurge you all to go to that link and see for yourself and see all the current reward cards and see how many of the being burnt for DEC in which causing DEC not being pegged to 0.001USD as intended.

My Favourite Soulbound Reward Card

Kulu Mastermind is my favourite Soulbound Reward Card by far, if you know me I love the sneak ability and it also has the NEW weapons training ability.


Wepons Traning ability - A character with the Weapons Training ability will "train" any adjacent characters with no attack, thereby giving them an attack of the same type as the character with the Weapons Training ability. The amount of attack that the Weapons Training ability gives to adjacent, no-attack characters, is still TBD based on initial play testing. Announcing the New Chaos Legion Reward Cards

How Would I Fit Kulu Mastermind in My Lineup

I love playing my water deck, I have all the main cards maxed out, and I also have LEGENDARY Water Summoner, POSSIBILUS THE WISE maxed out also, and I haven't found a good use case for him till now!

Possible lineup;

POSSIBILUS THE WISE as the Summoner;
BAAKJIRA in the reach position
KULU MASTERMIND in 3rd position - which gives BAAKJIRA ability with malee attack
MERDAALI GUARDIAN (I am not sure if Kulu will give melee attack ability cards on either side)

Do you think soulbound reward cards great for the economy?

Which soulbound reward cards is your favourite, and how would you fit it in your line-up if you had 99 mana game?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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