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This week’s Theme: REGAL PERYTON

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Rarity: RARE
Element: EARTH
Attack: MAGIC
Abilities: Flying

Besides the Water Splinter, Earth is my 2nd favourite splinter since Chaos was launched. As a player that have been around the game for only 14 months my strongest card edition is CHAOS LEGION.

In saying that nearly all my Earth Splinter is at MAX level. So, my go to summoner is OBSIDIAN which gives +1 magic to all cards, which is a no branner for me to put REGAL PERYTON in my line up 100% of the time.

At max level REGAL PERYTON is 3 magic, 7 speed, 8 health and with the flying ability and with OBSIDIAN he hits a whooping 8 magic - it is difficult to get this beast down

Currently I am in Dimond III so I can use all my MAX out cards.

This is my first battle OBSIDIAN v CONQUEROR JACEK


Since this was a 42-manna battle, I have opted to use the under rated PELACOR MERCENARY instead of GRUND so I have enough manna to use RUNEMANCER FLORRE. In 2nd position it was a no brainier, BRAMBLE PIXIE for the reach ability. 4th position I used MAGI OF CHAOS, his devastating 4 magic blow, 5th position I put in the ever-reliable REGAL PERYTON. Lucky last position RUNEMANCER FLORRE, her stats speak for itself. I has one mana left and I choose FUNGUS FIEND and put it in the 3rd position, I like to put all melee cards Infront of magic ones.



In round 1 there was a total of 1 devastating blow from REGAL PERYTON to their TANK and 1 miss by COUNTESS SINASH on REGAL PERYTON.

Round 2


In round 2 another devastating blow by REGAL PERYTON that finished off MORDEUS, if that hit missed MORDEUS then PELACOR MERCENARY would of been so close in saying goodnight.

And the rest is history.

Since the launch of Rift Watchers, my Earth Splinter went to a whole different level especially adding RUNEMANCER FLORRE to my line up and that card is unbeatable even though it has no abilities let’s hope that the airdrop legendary EARTH summoner in CHAOS LEGION would add abilities to the already powerful RUNEMANCER FLORRE. Also, I added another Rift Watchers card to my EARTH Splinter - BRAMBLE PIXIE. It's an absolute monster and very underrated, I barely see this card in anyone’s line-up, reach and heal ability

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