Are you Looking for a fun, friendly and committed Splinterlands Guild?

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Hi All,

If you are looking for a fun, friendly and commited Splinterland guild with a discord channel for constent communications and banter... YOU CAME to the RIGHT place!

We are NOW recruiting for our guild 'Splinter Sharks'. If you are intrested and meet our requirements please put your Splinterland username bellow and we will get back to you as soon as we filter our applicants.

About Splinter Sharks

Our guild was formed in Sep 2021 with active members. We are progressing nicely Rank #275 and our highest rank finish in a Brawl is 1st.


Members are actively donating 200DEC a week to level up the guild buildings, as we level up the buildings we unlock bonuses. The below is the status of our buildings in the Splinter Sharks guild:

  • Hall level 4
  • Lodge level 4
  • Arena level 2
  • Barracks level 2
  • AND we always fill 13 frays every time we Brawl

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