My Second Season

Hi All,

I have being playing Splinterlands for month now and I ended up in 'GOLD III' league before the season ended.

It was starting to struggle for me to move from 'Silver I' to 'Gold III'. After investing in more DEC I had to rent higher end cards so I can win more battles. On the last day my rented cards expired and thus my power went down, It pushed me down to a lower league. I ended up in 'Silver I' but needed more power to go to 'Gold III' league. But I ended up staying in 'Silver I'. I tried to invest but all the high level cards were over priced on the rental market.

As we all know the season ended yesterday and I was so excited to open the 18 chests that I have earned as rewards for progressing in the leagues. I was so pleased with my rewards.


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