My Splinterlands EOS Rewards and New Rewards System with Glint

Hello Splinterlands Summoners!

Today is the start of the new season and a new reward system featuring a new in game token, Glint. First let's check out my daily rewards and EOS rewards.

Daily Rewards


EOS Rewards


I got some decent cards but I noticed that I no longer received any SPS. This means that the new reward system took effect on the just finished season's chest rewards which is a bit disappointing since I was still expecting SPS rewards.

Starting this season we can only earn SPS from winning battles. We can also earn the new Glint tokens which can be used to purchase items from the shop.


Currently each win gives me around 0.5 SPS and 25 Glint tokens. Looking at the reward shop, these are the items that can be purchased with Glint.


The main items I will be focusing on are the draws which will reward me with cards. The higher the chance of getting a legendary, the costlier it is. At 25 Glint per win, it will take me 200 wins to afford a Master Draw so I'm not sure if I will buy it or just settle for Initiate Draw. With Initiate, I will have more draws but less chances of getting a legendary.

Another item that I'm considering are merits. Buying merits will help me build my Gladiator cards. Sure, these can no longer be converted to DEC but it can help me win more brawls and battles where Gladiator cards are allowed.

Less in my priorities are energies and titles. I think these are for top players who needed to keep their ranking and the titles are cosmetic and have no value in game.

Definitely I will not be buying potions since I still have a lot of them unused. 😅

The rewards system have changed. Some like it while others don't. One thing remains is that Splinterlands is still fun to play! 😀