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I am Lord Moise, a newbie to Splinterlands, started a few days ago but got into the game fast.

Currently sitting on 2,200 CP Bronze II (553 Rank Points), I can confidently say that these links about & with this game helped me understand how this game works, deck management, fighting strategys & more.

I want to share with you list of what I consider to be "helpful" links:

1 . Official Splinterlands Discord - click

  • Here you can reach out with many people with same interest as yours, make connections, learn together or even play together in a guild.
  • Official updates and tech support.
  • How to guides from 'pro'/veteran players.

2 . Bulldog1205 Discord - click

  • Very good video gameplay, strategy and beginner guides.
  • Meet really cool and helpful people.
  • By joining/watching him, you indirectly promote the game, which helps the growth and expand of it.

3 . Splinterlands Wiki - click

  • All the documentation you will ever need.

4 . Splinterlands 2nd Market - click

  • Save money when buying anything in the game.

I do not claim that these links will help you or anyone, these links are here for that 1% that may not know about them yet or didn't know what they can find there.
Some people need that extra push / they are not convinced yet that you cannot win without being informed.

I will continue to share anything with everyone, feel free to message me for anything.

Have a great day/evening!
Lord Moise!


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