My Journey through February 2023 in Rising Star!


I would like to Welcome every fellow musicians in my blog about my journey in this wonderful and relaxed game. I have started playing this game at the beginning of May in 2022 and that time I didn't realised how awesome and deep this game is. Once I found out that this game is much more than clicking on missions I have started recording my stats day by day. 👀

Today I would like to share my progress throughout February and I would like to continue doing that in every month to see my account evolve to something bigger. My account is not that big to worth doing this progress day by day, because it will be boring as not much is happening, but I thought an overview would be interesting with graphs and explanations how I do things daily and what are the result of that.

In the month of February I gradually increased the number of my cards and I can not wait to be part of the Raves update when it comes out! 😇

I hope it will be interesting to come along on my journey and enjoyable to everyone. Let's see how far I got! 😊


My Ranking 😊 and the number of Total Active Players


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The number of active players are still going down with 295 player from the beginning of February till the end. I have no idea why is this happening, because this game is amazing and I love playing it day by day. 😇

I reached my rank to 388 in February and I am continually pushing my rank downwards, because it gives me a huge satisfaction that I am going in the right way! 💪

I try to play as much as I can and as long as I have Pizza and Energy I will maximise my gain. I always on the lookout to buy some unique cards to help lower my Rank and I will keep an eye on that to buy more and more. 😉




My Daily Starbits and Record Staking Income 🤑


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I follow a new strategy from December last year and that means that I took all my funds from staking on records and I bought fans from the released funds, which turned out a pretty good investment as I have doubled my income in January compare to the previous month! 😁

In February there is not much changed, but this month was 3 days shorter, which made my income pretty much the same compare to January.


My Skill 🎹 - Ego 😎 - Fans 👨‍👩‍👧 - Luck 🍀


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These are the main 4 stats in the game and as you can see I have a steady growth thorughout the month. I am increasing my skill with Piano Lessons and luckily I have way higher Skill than my Ego otherwise there will be a reduction in my income.😏

I have kept going increasing my collection and all my stats in the game by playing it. I have more and more understanding about the game mechanics, which is helping my to improve my account. 😉

Luckily my Skill is much much higher than my Ego, so I am safe to play to get full rewards from my missions.


Uniques 💎- Cards 📚 - IM 🤑


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Here you can see my entire Card Collection. I am trying to buy only few cards with good deals day by day, because I don't know if the price of the cards are going on lower levels or not at least following this tactic I can DCA (Dollar Cost Average) my expenses. 😊

Changes throughout the Year 😇

Stats01 Jun01 Jul01 Aug01 Sep01 Oct01 Nov01 Dec01 Jan01 Feb
Total Players748272806961657863465915530147894546
Starbits Income5620074110130220156530149063162323177339322465337044
Record Staking363263316974420716617276905200

This is an overall statistics (If you are crazy about stats like myself 😊) month by month about the growth of my account. 😉


I hope you liked my little journey in the last month serie and I wish we will all grow in the future, because this is such an amazing game. 😇 Thank you to all of you who took the patience to read it through! 🙏

If you are just starting this game you can use my referral link to sign-up and if you want some free Starbits please have a look on my profile, because I am continously doing daily giveaways! 😉