The new Weekly Battle Mage Secrets ---> Aimless




The new Weekly ruleset Challenge is an amazing twist that I am enjoying so far and I hope there will be twists like that in the future to keep this Challenge's fresh. 😁

This week we had to do a Battle using the Aimless ruleset, where all the monsters have the Scattershot ability. The Scattershot ability means that the ranged and magic attacks will hit a random enemy target. 😅

It is important with this ruleset to choose monsters with big health to sustain a lot of damage in my backline. Abilities such as Triage, Protect, Divine Shield are all amazing and helps a lot to mitigate the random damage in my backline. The other option is to use melee attack monsters, because they are completely unaffected about the Scattershot.

Aimless Versus my Team

My setup
How good my monsters in this ruleset?
Unicorn Mustang
Arkemis the Bear
Mycelic Slipspawn
Regal Peryton
Goblin Psychic
Uloth Dhampir


The upcoming Battle ruleset


Spreading FuryAll Monsters have the Scattershot ability.
Heavy HittersAll Monsters have the Knock Out ability.
AimlessAll monsters have the Scattershot ability.

The mana cap of this battle was 60, which helps a lot to choose what I want in order to deal with these rulesets. The most important ruleset from here is the Aimless, because the other two is not so dangerous.

Usually I choose monsters with Protect to give +2 armor to all of my monsters and Triage to heal them up from the damage they received. 😉


My lineup

The Obsidian is a powerful summoner, which increases the magic damage of her monsters by one. The Earth Splinter has a lot of good magic attack monsters, but if the enemy knows that you bring this one it is very easy to counter. 😊
The Unicorn Mustang is an excellent tank, with amazing abilities. The Void and Magic Reflect comes very handy in a battle against enemy Mages, but his drawback is his price tag. As an Untamed monster he cost a lot to rent or own. 🤑
Arkemis the Bear is a melee attack creature and in the second position is pretty useless, because he can not make any attack unless my tank would die. More importantly I choosed him, because of his Protect ability, which will give +2 armor to all of his friendly creatures. 😇
The Mycelic Slipspawn is a nice decoy, because the Taunt ability will lure all the attacks into her and the Forcfield ability will reduce the damage to one if it is equal or more than five. In the meantime he gives time to my team to try to damage down the enemy creatures. Sadly the Scattershot overwrite this ability, but at least he has huge health! 😁
The Regal Peryton is a magic attack creature and such he will take advantage of the Obsidian's +1 magic attack buff. He also has huge speed to ensure that he will attack first in every round. The Flying ability and high speed gives him a lot of chance to dodge the incoming melee and ranged attacks. 😉
The Goblin Psychic is a support healer with 3 magic damage thanks the Obsidian. He has quite a low health, so it is a bit risky to use him in this ruleset, but I needed someone to heal my tank in case he need assistance. 😍
The Uloth Dhampir is an excellent supporter with huge damage. The Triage ability is a must have in the Aimless ruleset to heal my backline from the random damage that I received. 😆


The Battle


Please click on the picture if you want to see the replay of the battle.

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My opponent brought a very strong team with Tarsa as their summoner who gives +1 health and melee attack damage to all of their monsters.

My Mycelic Slipspawn directed all the damage from the enemy melee attack monsters, but unoftunately their ranged attack were completely random. At the end of the first round I had a lucky shot and killed his Uraeus! 😁

The second round started very badly for me, because the Ifrit Rising finished recharging his attack and he killed my Uloth Dhampir with one shot. 😡

There was a lot of random damage in the following next round, so neither team killed any monster only took damages from each other. The Ifrit Rising had time to recharge his attack again and killed my Arkemis with one shot again!

In the fourth round we finally managed to kill their tank and off-tank and only the squishier damage dealer left in their team. 😇

The rest of the game was decided already, because I killed their remaining monsters one by one and acquire the win for me. 😊

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Battle Result


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

My strategy was to bring high health creatures and take advantage of the Protect and Triage ability from my monsters. The Enrage helped a lot to increase our damage and speed, but we had to kill this team quick, because the Ifrit Rising was killing my monsters one by one when he recharged his attack. 😜


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Thank you so much 🙏 that you took the time to read my Weekly Battle Challenge. I hope it was informative and you liked it. 🤞