Switching Lanes And Taking Shortcuts

Just a regular day at the office.

I have been trying to acquire some more LEO with 240 something HIVE I've had sitting idle over at hive-engine for quite some time now. Limit orders didn't do the trick for me, so I got greedy and started swallowing sell orders instead. Don't be like me.

I could have grabbed somewhere around 1,800 - 1,900 LEO for my loot, but I happily settled for a bit less than that knowing that LEO will start pumping sooner or later with the PolyCUB platform's launch approaching.

By the way don't ask me what the launch date is; I wouldn't want to lie to you.


I started buying up at 0.1470 HIVE per LEO and ended up paying 0.1599 HIVE per LEO in order to get my hands on as many LEO tokens as possible without having to wait any longer. That's a rate that would leave me satisfied any day of the week, plus you can never perform the perfect trade, can you?

Walked away with 1,600 more LEO tokens which are currently sitting comfortably in my wallet, ready to be pooled and work to make me some more money. pLEO pools on PolyCUB, here I come, but I might use the bLEO pool on CubDeFi for now instead.

The thing is I am also tempted to stake those newly acquired LEO tokens for the time being and maximize my curation rewards, as there is not much information out there as to when the launch of the PolyCUB platform is expected to take place. I guess SEWN!

I've got plenty of patience and absolute trust in Khal and the team, so this was an easy move for me.

Leo HE trades.jpg

I have also been selling some HIVE for BUSD lately, trying to create a safety net which I will try to capitalize on once the ugly bear returns. Let's be honest here, at some point it's going to happen again. I've been watching the markets closely since 2017 and am planning to not repeat the mistakes of the past this time around.

My goal is to use those funds to multiply my stake here once the opportunity arises, and I'm sure it's going to work as I've seen it happen before. I'm just going to use one or two more powerdown doses though, as there are a couple of cool airdrops scheduled to take place around here and I wouldn't want to miss out on those either. A bit of diversification never hurt anyone.

The perfect scenario would be if I had the chance to multiply my HIVE stake before January arrives, but we will see how that plays out. For now, I've decided to stick with the safe route. I believe this way I will be happy regardless of the way the market decides to behave for the rest of December.

I may also pour some more funds into dCrops and buy some more CROP in order to boost my holding rewards. This is another sweet passive HIVE income stream I have created, and I've already bought and opened hundreds of dCrops Alpha packs anyway. Still holding 50 unopened packs which I am not planning to open anyway.

Splinterlands Chaos Legion packs will definitely be my next purchase, but I will have to wait until Voucher tokens are not needed for that. I'm selling all Voucher tokens I will be receiving during the course of the next sale for HIVE, hoping I will manage to get a better deal once the next round commences.

It's amazing how many options and opportunities there are for people to build and make a profit on the HIVE blockchain, and I believe we are just getting started. Showing up every day, keeping an eye on the latest developments and consuming content can take you places.

And that sums it all up for now. Gotta hit my favourite discord servers and see if I missed any good news over there. I swear, people can't stop coming up with great ideas around here.

Never forget!


Have a good one everyone!

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